You’ve decorated, you’ve shopped, you’ve wrapped present after present–you’re tired.  Muster up your Christmas spirit–at least enough for our last two posts.  This year, plan a really wonderful Christmas breakfast and expect the whole family!  If you’re going to go to the trouble of cooking, make your table something your guests will find just as memorable.

How about putting a couple of these ideas to good use:

Bundle up the family and take Christmas dinner to your patio table.  Add cozy touches, like a lumberjack inspired blanket as a tablecloth and flickering pillar candles.  Juxtapose this with burlap and pine.  Make sure you stock up on cider and hot cocoa–it’s sure to be a chilly, memorable morning!

Keep it classy and mix your metalics and glass with pine.  This clever chalkboard tells your guests what to expect and keeps their tummies from guessing while opening stockings.

Keep it simple and tie a wide ribbon on your chairs for a festive splash of color.  Add an ornament, sprig of pine, or a pine cone.

Don’t fear thinking outside of the box when it comes to Christmas color.  Use what you have and add splashes of color your house may not see during the rest of the year to give your table (and your home) a festive, fresh look.  Use some of those fallen tree branches from our last snow and add an ornament or two!

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