Haven’t had time to create any outdoor trick-or-treater activities for the spookiest night of the year? Eheart has all the tricks…and treats…to make the outside of your home the eeriest on the block this year – without the scare of spending hours decorating and cleaning up.

Eheart Halloween

Trick 1: Encourage trick-or-treaters to use their sense of touch.
o Wrap the outside of shoe boxes with black construction paper.
o Cut a hole in the box, only large enough for a child to stick their hand in without being able to see the contents within the box.
o Add cooked spaghetti to one box 1 and label the box as Brains.
o Add peeled grapes to box 2 and label Eyeballs.
o Add dried apricots to box 3 and label Dried Tongues.
o Allow the trick-or-treaters to explore the content of the boxes with their hands…if they dare.

Trick 2: Create a witches brew.
o Find a caldron type kettle – even a large bowl or pot will do.
o Fill the pot with fruit punch, or any type of child-friendly beverage. Even water with green food coloring will do to add to the spookiness of the brew.
o Add dry ice (can be bought at Supermarket chains) to the pot throughout the night to create a bubbling sound along with a smoky steam.
o Serve the “witches brew” to children as they trick-or-treat.

Trick 3: Turn trick-or-treaters into something else with chemical tasters.
o Purchase test tube shooters from amazon, or a place like Party City.
o Let kids choose their “fate” by allowing them to select fruit punch, grape juice, or apple juice and explain that each juice will turn them into something different (witch, frog, ghost, etc.).