Thermador’s Column refrigeration system offers a fun, fresh solution to maximizing your space for all of your cooling needs. Available in 24 and 30 inch columns, the refrigerator and freezer units are separated to give you maximum flexibility in your kitchen design. And, with a wine refrigeration column, you can even address the specific cooling needs of your favorite bottle!

Subzero’s flush inset refrigerator is the only panel ready refrigerator that truly sits flush into your cabinetry, allowing you to achieve that furniture look.Kitchenaid’s drawer refrigerators are a fun option for your entertainment room or wet bar. Or, if you have a space, it’s a great solution for your kiddos to access their own snacks and drinks without your help.


Jenn Air’s Culinary Center oven will make even a timid cook a confident one. Simply push a few buttons to let the oven know what type of meat you’re cooking and how well done you’d like it. It will even give you a recipe!

Kitchen Aid’s induction cooktop will get you out of the kitchen sooner and help make your kitchen a safe place for your kids to be. Induction cooktops work with a magnetic connection to your cookware. They sense when a pan is on the surface. When removed from the heating element, the heat immediately goes away, so you can run your hand over the surface immediately–great for curious kids. They also boil water in a seconds rather than minutes, getting you through the dinner prep rush and to the table with your family sooner!
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