Lights on or off? Part 2

I can’t seem to get this CFL bulb thing to work.  I feel like my house is tinted green.  What gives?

Grab your engineer husband or your hyper analytical spouse, this is an informative read…

Incandescent bulbs will become increasingly difficult to find in the coming years, and there are certain rooms that simply can’t be beat by such an ambient light (dining rooms, bathrooms, and master bedrooms, to name a few).  But, alas, the world is changing and it’s time for a more efficient solution.  In fact, this simple government move will save consumers over $40 billion dollars in the next twenty years.

There are two factors that are important to consider when picking a bulb off the shelf.  Look for a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 70 plus.  This will keep the room from going green and your skin from looking like you’ve been sick.  The other important factor is Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), which measures how warm the light is.  For most scenarios, you’ll likely be after “warm” lighting (tends more to the yellow end of the spectrum).  If that’s the case, look for a CCT of 2600-3000.  If you’re looking for cooler light, select something higher than 4,000.

So, next time you’re out and about, consider yourself equipped!

Something New…Something Wonderful

Words almost aren’t good enough to describe how I feel about these new products showing up on my desk recently. Talk about take your breath away gorgeous. They are new, refreshing and dramatic that aren’t for the faint at heart…

Featuring Antiqued Mirror Tile, Visage, by Ann Sacks! How does it get any better than this!?

Featured in Ann Sacks Nottingham Collection, these colors and shapes are sure to get anyone’s attention. Giving you that simple uniqueness you have been looking for.

Wanting a little more natural, earthy feel? Wood and/or leather tiles might be the way to go. You didn’t read that wrong – tiles are now being made of wood and leather! Where, oh where could this creative industry going next?!

If you have been looking for that show stopper, creative, unique tile for a room in your home….I just found it!

Don’t be shy…BE BOLD

Something New: Solarmax

Welcome the New Year! I am ready for a new beginning, fresh new adventures, ideas, designs and design materials in this years blog.

We have a new carpet on our showroom floor that with this 60 degree weather (yes, in January) and Colorado’s bright and hot wonderful sun – you might just be thankful you have Solarmax.

Solarmax is a new technology that Stainmaster has introduced as fade resistant. With west and south facing windows, your carpet has potential to fade. Use this analogy…most carpets are a like a radish – the fiber is only colored on the outside, so the inside is still white. Allowing the fiber to fade and lose its original color. 

Carpet with Solormax Technology makes the fiber more like a carrot – so the color is dyed the whole way through. Might seem to be funny to compare your carpet to food – but it makes sense!

With all the other benefits of Stainmaster; stain, soil, texture retention plus Solarmax – this carpets benefits are hard to beat!

Come take a look at our new carpets already coming out this year and return for more NEW things for 2012!


Check out our web site to learn more about Stainmaster Solarmax carpet.




12 Days of Christmas: 5

Warm and Cozy Area Rugs – One more element to get you in the Christmas Spirit! Put one on top of those great Palo Duro Hardwood floors from Day 3! Really putting the final touch on your space and making it perfect to cozy up by the fire to enjoy a cup of hot cider.

Snuggle Up and be Warm & Cozy this Christmas Season!

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12 Days of Christmas: 3

Thinking you would like to spruce up your home before family comes for the Holidays? Maybe, your looking to bring a little more warmth to your home – think hardwood. Milled in Cortez Colorado, hand-scrapped, distressed and stained in Denver, Colorado, it doesn’t get much closer to home. And well, when people think of home and winters in Colorado, they think of that perfect warm lodge with the aroma of a wood burning fireplace, while the snow falls, blankets, movies and hot chocolate (hot butter rum for the adults)!

To finish off that perfect cozy space; take a look at the Palo Duro Collection Hardwood Floors. With spieces ranging from Hickory, Oak, Walnut and Pine, any stain you can imagine and the chance to customize the level of distressing, it is easy to make it yours.

alamo white oak
capistrano heart pine
plaza hickory

This is one of my favorites! While soft creams are the dominate color on the walls and upholstery, these hickory floors instantly bring the warm cozy feel that we are looking for.

mesa verde walnut

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