Finding its way into home décor is ombre, the design style often referred to as “shading.” Ombre refers to a centuries old technique of dyeing or weaving fabrics, which creates a gentle progression from light to dark, and can have a dramatic or soothing effect on your interiors.


Ombre, which is highly popular in both fashion and beauty, has a pleasing effect on the eye, and gives your space a fresh, modern look. The great feature of bringing ombre into your home is that it can be used in almost any manner. For those wanting to go bold, bringing ombre to your walls truly gives your room personality and tells a story. If you prefer to use the design with the use of accessories, consider drapes, pillows and artwork.


Since ombre consists of various hues of a color, most often including white, many flooring options work great with the style. If you are looking to bring ombre to your walls, consider the colors that will be used in your design, and then come visit us at Eheart Interior Solutions to decide on which type and color of flooring will work best with your interior.