Chevron is no longer just a fashion statement, as the inverted V-shaped pattern is now becoming a popular décor style in your home. Chevron, which creates a zigzag pattern, is a versatile style that is being used in all elements of design.

Painted neutral chevron walls create subtle interest, and is best on an accent wall. It gives the room personality, while still not being an overwhelming presence.

Chevron 1

Chevron flooring is another great way to bring the pattern into your home. If you want to go bold, painting the pattern on your floor is a unique way to make a statement.

Chevron 2

If you’re not ready to take such a big risk, a chevron carpet can really ground a room and pull it together. A rug makes it very easy if you decide you want to move the room around, or bring the rug into a new room later down the road.

Chevron 3

If you love the pattern but aren’t ready to take the bold step, bring chevron into your rooms with accent pieces. Chevron pillows add unexpected character to a room, and even though it’s only an accent pillow, it still makes a strong impact in the room.

Chevron 4

How do you plan on bringing chevron into your home?