While Natural Stones are definitely great options for countertops; you are not limited to by any means. Here are a few hot items that I just can’t get enough of right now!
CONCRETE: I think the picture speaks better than I ever could for concrete! Need I say more?!

QUARTZ: Definitely being the “Go To” item right now, quartz is extremely versatile. Changing and adding styles from when it first came on the market, quartz isn’t just a speckled look anymore. Not having a color or texture to compete with, the solid white quartz in the kitchen below allowed me to make the backsplash the ‘Wow’ factor for this Eugene, OR family.
GLASS & 3-FORM: If you haven’t heard of or seen 3-Form installed you must check it out! From Poured Glass, to a Plastic Resin in multiple different colors, your imagination can run wild with design ideas! Below are a few installations of 3-Form I found on their website, check it out for yourself at 3-Form. If you get inspired come see us, we have all the samples and would love to work on a project with you!


while not as highly used anymore will always be the best price point.

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