Ever had one of “those” days?  You know, the kind that makes you want to get into a deep, cast iron tub that covers you up to your neck in warm water.  Your body would be relaxed by massage jets and gentle air massage.  Your aching back wouldn’t hurt for long, as you slipped into a tub perfectly suited for maximum comfort–including superior lumbar support.  You might even have some fun bath tub features–perhaps chromatheraphy, an aromatheraphy infuser system, or a sound immersion system.  Sounds great, right?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Let’s be realistic.  What kind of sticker shock does something that relaxing carry?  Lucky for you, not much if you go with a Jason tub.

Jason Tubs are one of Eheart’s favorite things because we are able to price this tub (perhaps the most superior in the industry) at some of the most competitive prices out there!  In fact, in some cases, Jason tubs come in $2,000-3,000 less than one made by a less exclusive plumbing company.

Take a look at some of what Jason has to offer:

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