What inspires you?

What is it that pulls you like a magnet toward that chair or that tile or that cabinetry?
Perhaps you love the outdoors, and you want to capture its beauty inside your home through the use of natural stone and hardwood floors. Or maybe you’re a lover of fine art, and every room is an opportunity to emulate the feel of a Rothko or a Monet or a Picasso through the use of color and texture. Maybe you love to travel, and the more you see of different cultures, the more you navigate toward that Scandinavian sofa or that Italian light fixture.

Ultimately, your design selections are an opportunity to reveal something personal about the way you define beauty, and about the people, places and things that inspire you. Without a doubt, the best designs are the ones that begin with a concept and with inspiration. An inspired room is not just a room; an inspired chair is no ordinary chair. They are creative, thoughtful, personal statements about you and about your home.

Tell us what insires you.

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