Wanting to be more conscience about being green? Countertops are a great place to start and a quick update for any remodel. There is no better time to be going green; with so many manufactures trying to market us folks going green, there are many products to chose from!

Made from 100% recycled glass and concrete Icestone offers a unique and great environmentally safe product for you home. Receiving MBDC’s Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification for its durable surface and the production process used to produce it; Icestone defines green!


PaperStone is a sustainable composite material made from 100% post-

consumer recycled paper. While it will assume a pleasing, lustrous, rich-aged patina appearance over time, it is just one of wonderful characteristic of the material. Paperstone offers a variety of neutral, natural colors that can be used in many different styles of homes.

Recycled porcelain, glass, mirrors, industrial vitrified ashes and corn oil make up 75% of Eco countertops. With 10 styles and colors, I am sure one would be right for you! Eco is manufactured by the same company that produces the home brand, Silestone.

It’s all natural! Water is the only ‘chemical’ used to quarry and fabricate natural stone. Most quarries and fabrication shops recycle and reuse their water over and over again. Many quarries are out to preserve the land to what it was before they started quarrying the stone. Check out some of my previous posts to see a few more of your natural stone options.

Many of your green options will allow you to get LEED points as well. With so many color and style options, I am sure I can help find something that you’ll love!

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