This is the time of year where everyone starts to think about storage…and how their home is lacking in this department. As you tackle areas that include cabinetry, consider how you live in a space. Ask your designer to really walk through your space with you and talk about how you use it and what you need it to do. Tell your designer what is frustrating about your current kitchen and what you covet about your friends’ kitchens (admit it, you do!).
Eheart carries several different cabinetry lines, our most custom being our own line, Eheart Essentials. This locally made, high quality frameless cabinet eliminates cabinet boxes, providing 10-15% more storage than a traditional framed cabinet. Highly customizable, this line also includes the option to add built in storage in a myriad of ways. Take a peek at a few:
Muffin tins, sheet pans, and cookie trays finally find an organized home in a simple cabinet with vertical dividers. 
When you tour a home that is on the market, one of the thing people tend to notice is that it has so much counter space.  You’ve been fooled.  Everything was off of the counters–a simple way to make even a small kitchen spacious.  This knife drawer eliminates the need for your knife block to be on the counter and can even include a removable cutting board.
A pantry pull out takes advantage of as little as nine inches of cabinet space and offers tremendous storage.
Stand mixers…everybody has one, no one knows where to put it!  How about a lift, which allows you to use your mixer without even removing it from the lift surface.  When you’re done, simply lower the lift back into the base cabinet it is stored in!
Pot and pan storage becomes a breeze by utilizing deep drawers instead of awkward to access cabinets.  Pegs divide the pans and give each pot a home.
Spice drawers allow you to see what you have on hand with just a single glance.  Place one by your cooktop for all of your cooking spices and one near your baking center for all of your baking spices!
Come on in to one of our three kitchen vignettes, fully outfitted with storage for every budget!

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