During the winter, your entryway might have been bombarded with snow pants and boots, winter gloves and hats, and jackets. If your entryway is drab and uninviting, chances are, when you come in from the cold, your family will toss their clothing on the floor in a hurry to get warm.

No matter the month, it’s easy to make your entryway inviting, and with a clean and organized look, your family will want to take the time to hang their coats and put away their footwear.  Your space might have awkward angles, or maybe it’s really big or extremely small. There’s a solution for each and every situation.

Maintain an Orderly Entryway

If your family has a tendency to own a plethora of sweatshirts and coats, hooks will be your savior.  Hooks are especially wonderful if you don’t have a closet nearby, and for grab and go items that you use daily. Having a bench with a plush cushion on top is perfect for your family to sit on while they put on and take off their footwear. Not only does this limit the chance of simply kicking off your shoes, but it also adds charm to the space. If your bench has a lid that opens, you also have convenient storage space that frees the area of clutter.


The Little Things also Matter

It’s easy to make big changes with just a few simple tweaks, especially when space and money are factors. A small table near your entrance makes a perfect spot to leave daily mail, keys and other small items. Baskets and cubbies under a table or bench help keep clutter out of sight while adding style to the space.


What are your favorite tips and tricks for creating a welcoming entryway?