A favoirte chair for her dressing table,
corner of the closet or her special work place!

A romantic chair for around you intimate dining area!

If she is wild, colorful or feminine you could surprise her with her own place
to put her feet at the end of the day or just a place to sit while she rubs your feet!

If you have a man cave and want her to have a place to retreat while you do your thing, get her a special chair to isolate herself in to sit by the fire, read a book, listen to music and let her know you are thinking of her even if you are hanging with the guys!

A place for the contemporary but whimsical Sleeping Beauty!

A cozy rug can warm you tootsies!
Put some light and sparkle in your space! 
 There is more than one things that are a girls best friend!

Some great new looking glasses!

This could be her special place in her dressing room the corner of the bedroom or again,
her spot in your man cave.

Treats for her dressing room or
her own bath room!
A place to keep all of those special keepsakes you give and get along the way!
We don’t furnish the jewels that you know she loves to display when she isn’t wearing them!
Girls really do like Diamonds!
Be creative and collect a few of her special things to “Rock Your Babe in Your Crib”!
Who knows, she might just Rock You Back!

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