Welcome the New Year! I am ready for a new beginning, fresh new adventures, ideas, designs and design materials in this years blog.

We have a new carpet on our showroom floor that with this 60 degree weather (yes, in January) and Colorado’s bright and hot wonderful sun – you might just be thankful you have Solarmax.

Solarmax is a new technology that Stainmaster has introduced as fade resistant. With west and south facing windows, your carpet has potential to fade. Use this analogy…most carpets are a like a radish – the fiber is only colored on the outside, so the inside is still white. Allowing the fiber to fade and lose its original color. 

Carpet with Solormax Technology makes the fiber more like a carrot – so the color is dyed the whole way through. Might seem to be funny to compare your carpet to food – but it makes sense!

With all the other benefits of Stainmaster; stain, soil, texture retention plus Solarmax – this carpets benefits are hard to beat!

Come take a look at our new carpets already coming out this year and return for more NEW things for 2012!


Check out our web site to learn more about Stainmaster Solarmax carpet.




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