12 Days of Christmas: 9

For as much as I love color, this post may surprise you.  But, with the absence of much snow so far this year, I find myself dreaming of a white Christmas–indoors and out!  Why not?!

Doesn’t this look like a great place to enjoy a white Christmas?!  A perfect view to a (hopefully) snowy exterior while curled up in an oatmeal colored knit throw, sinking your toes into that soft, simple rug.  Enjoy the texture of the wicker sofas, the pine boughs, and the glistening lanterns alongside the white!

What could be more wonderful than white on white on white?  Create a stunning, snow white interior with a myriad of shades of this light and bright hue.

A colorful tree is beautifully accented by a white brick fireplace (love that shape!!), creamy upholstery, and soft ivory walls.  Even the firewood is white!

If you’re still pining for color (pun fully intended), how about this over the top breakfast room.  Maybe you’re not ready for a semi-permanent red wall, but you can add splashes of color with festive dishware, throw pillows, and paper lanterns!  Listen, with paint as cheap as it is, you’re only $40 and an afternoon from a room as dramatic as this one to wow your guests.

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