Giving Back to Better the Community

Here at Eheart Interior Solutions, we are more than just your local flooring store, in fact, we are part of a much bigger movement. We are proud to be a part of Flooring America, a co-op in which each store, like ours, is independently owned. While we might run our store a bit differently than a sister store in a different state, we all work together for the greater good of our co-op and of our community.

We know just how important our community is to our success. From local businesses to our residents, we value what our community has to offer, and to better our community, we love to give back through local charities, events and organizations.


Whether you lend your time helping out at a local soup kitchen, or you host a park clean-up day, we hope that you take the time in this coming year to appreciate the community that you live in and give back to the people and places that work hard for you!