Designer Turn Offs: Bedroom Sets of 2016

As bedroom sets are a hot button issue for our interior designers, we wanted to showcase a selection of bedroom sets where an apparent aspect of the design process went horribly wrong.


 Bedroom Sets

Royal Gold Bedroom Set

This ornate bedroom set overplays its opulent style, resulting in a grotesque metallic-looking mess. Does this bed look inviting to you? To me, it looks sharp and uncomfortable.

Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Bliss Bedroom Set

This bedroom set is trying to do way too much by combining an ostentatious appearance with an inflated sense of self-importance. The gold edges each have different shades of reflective surfaces to bewilder potential sleepers. This gold plated design would be better suited for a makeup case. The shabby rug, which is difficult to integrate successfully into any bedroom design, blatantly clashes with the flashy appearance of the bed frame and dressers.

Bedroom Sets

Egyptian Guest Bedroom Set

Unless you are ancient Egyptian king, this is not a bedroom for the modern day individual. I picture this design better fitting in at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s surprising that any element could feel out of place in this absurd design, but the gritty tan wall above the headboard disrupts the overall color scheme.

Bedroom Sets

Modern Tropical Bedroom Set

Going for a whimsical look, this modern tropical style bedroom feels quite contrived, with the headboard and bed appearing to be two separate entities. The leaf-infused headboard creates a discordant atmosphere with the rest of the room. Brightly disturbing to onlookers, it’s no wonder that this person is likely seeking a quick escape from that godawful headboard.


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showrroom april 2013























It’s April and our showroom has recently had a little decor make over. We have introduced some fun and spring like pieces. Lots of clean linens, warm textures, and emerald greens. This is sure to inspire you. Come on in and talk to one of our designers about our furniture vendors and what we can offer you in new furnishings for any room in your home. Happy Spring from Eheart Interior Solutions.

Felicia Klein

Freshly Styled


Interior stylists–names like Glen Proebstel and Lotta Agaton–are some of my favorite go-to’s for design inspiration. They accomplish both marketing and art in one fell swoop, selling the idea that messy covers are chic and chipping paint is glamorous. Maybe what I love the most is the way the stylists make their spaces look worn-in and realistic, while boldly implementing whimsical details (white balloons never looked so beautiful, am I right?)

 (Styled by Lotta Agaton)

 (Styled by Lotta Agaton)

With summer around the corner, I’ve been consumed with imagery of bedrooms that look freshly abandoned–covers untucked and windows uncovered. The repetitive white and cobalt blue color palette stands clean and simple next to highly textured surfaces. The combination exudes something like quiet, carefree confidence, don’t you think?

 (Styled by Glen Proebstel)

(Styled by Glen Proebstel)

This spring, let an Eheart designer help you accomplish a fresh new look and feel for your bedroom.

Designer Turn Offs: A Missing Piece

What’s wrong with this picture?
Where is the headboard?!  
If you could do one thing to legitimize your bedroom set up, it would be adding a headboard.  For whatever reason, selecting a headboard seems to paralyze people.  One thing is for certain, it is not for a lack of options.  Take a peek at a few of these:
Lort’s makes stunning furniture in finishes you will absolutely drool over.  This beautiful layered finish makes the headboards look like they’ve been in the attic for generations.  Their whimsical shape and pleasant dimension gives this room a unique look worth repeating.
Here’s a bed you can smoke a cigar in.  Clad with tufts of supple leather, this masculine piece is sure to please even the most discerning bed mate.  Don’t shy away from it in an ultra-femme space, though.  In a softer tone or in velvet rather than leather, this could be your new favorite spot to stay up with novel.
Having been schooled in the South, I’m well acquainted with what a monogram can do to, well, most anything.  What a sophisticated way to add a little Southern charm to your bedroom.
The shape of this four poster bed will take your breath away.  Reminiscent of a weekend on the Maine coast, the details of this bed are truly what make it a one of a kind piece.

Who doesn’t want to be enveloped by this stunning piece?

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Designer Turn Offs: Bedroom Sets!

Get a group of designer’s together and they are bound to talk about the design faux pauxs they just can’t stand.  This month, we’ll be presenting a few of those in a light hearted series called Designer Turn Offs.

Let’s start with bedroom sets.

I always say that bedroom sets encourage a lack of creativity.  Why settle for a dresser, two identical nightstands and a bed frame all in the same finish, same wood?!  Do something fun and creative.  Break the rules! 

If you’re scared to take the plunge, start small with your nightstands.  These pieces do not have to match your other furniture.  They don’t even have to match one another!  Play with color on these pieces with a glossy color of your choice with a Lorts piece. 
Fort Collins Bedroom Sets
How fun would that be to wake up to in the morning?!
Take a peek at these two rooms…no bedroom sets in sight, yet the whole look is pulled together!
Fort Collins Bedroom Sets
Fort Collins Bedroom Sets
Already have a bedroom set?  No big deal.  If you can’t start fresh, start by dividing your pieces.  Swap one of your living room end tables with the bedside table from your (sigh) bedroom set.  Put your low dresser piece in your entry way or dining room as a console piece.  Forgo just your headboard for a fun, upholstered one.  Have fun with it!
Emily Stirn - Designer for Eheart Interior Solutions