We Have Your Messiest Moments Covered

They say that life is about simple pleasures, and we agree.

7-year old Tommy finds no greater happiness than watching cartoons every Saturday morning, while attentively sitting straight-up on your plush, living room carpet.

Claire, you’re creative 11-year old loves nothing more than painting with her new water color set.

Charlie, your loveable Golden Retriever loves rolling around on the carpet, while you might enjoy a glass of wine while reading on your couch.

Flash forward a little bit, and Tommy has spilled his orange juice, Claire knocked over her dirty water bowl, Charlie brought mud inside, and you just knocked over your glass of wine.

Life does bring simple pleasures, but it also brings spills, and for an active household like yours, we have your family and life’s messiest moments covered with our Resista Soft Style carpet.


Not only does Resista carpet repel liquid and spills upon contact, but the Liquid Repelling technology allows for the liquid to bead up and be blotted away for quick and effective clean-up.

No matter how often Charlie gallops throughout the house and rolls around on your floors, Resista is engineered to provide rich color clarity and excellent stain and fade resistance, giving it quality that you can stand on, and that Charlie can roll on.


So, let Tommy eat his breakfast on the floor, and don’t worry about where Claire paints, because our Resista carpet not only adds comfort to your feet, but it leaves you with peace of mind in knowing that no spill will get past our carpet.

The Carpet vs Hardwood Debate

Pick the Most Practical

Choosing new flooring for your home can be a daunting task. The amount of available flooring options makes it difficult to make even simple decisions, such as whether hardwood vs carpet is the best option for you.  Although both hardwood and carpet are great flooring options, it is important to pick the most practical choice for your lifestyle.


Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are a great option if you are looking for a warm and sophisticated feel for your home. They make for easy clean-up and require little maintenance. Wood matches just about everything, making it the ideal choice if you change your style frequently. You can change the colors of your walls or your furniture as often as you’d like, and the floors will still look great!


Add Style

Need to mix up the style of your floor? You can always add an area rug to spice things up or sand and stain your hardwood floors for a fresh new look! To top it off, hardwood floors are long-lasting and add value to your home.

Carpet vs hardwood flooring

Carpet Floors

Carpet on the other hand, gives your home a comfortable and welcoming feeling. There is a wide variety of options, making it easy to find the perfect carpet to fit your lifestyle and taste. Carpet is a safer option for households with kids, as it is more fall-proof and more comfortable for sitting, working, or playing on the floor. Carpet can now be recycled, making these sustainable products better for the environment!


Carpet vs Hardwood – Which is Right for your Family?

Both wood and carpet flooring look great in a home! They both work as good insulators and can help reduce allergens. There is no one type of flooring that is better than the other in the carpet vs hardwood debate, but there may be a certain type of flooring that is better suited to you!

Carpet vs hardwood living room

What do you look for when choosing flooring for your home?

Designer Answers: Carpet

This lovely lady grew up around flooring. She understands both the technical (here’s looking at you, analyticals) and the design sides of carpet, and she values equipping our clients with the information they need to make smart, beautiful selections. Behold, Missy Eheart’s knowledge:

Q: What are the fundamental characteristics of carpet that consumers should be educated on?
When it comes to carpet, there are four things I would consider:
• The fiber
• The density
• The twist
• The cushion

Q: Can you tell us more about each characteristic?
Different fibers have different features and benefits:
Nylon is very durable and stain resistant. Nylon performs very well in residential, high traffic areas.

•Stainmaster’s fiber is called 66Nylon. 66Nylon has a tighter molecular structure than “regular” nylon. What does that mean to you? Well, stains have a harder time infiltrating through your 66Nylon carpet. Because of its technology, Stainmaster has some of the best warranties in the industry.

Polyester often has vibrant colors and a soft feel. It can also be made from recycled plastics. It is a good value for normal amount of traffic.

Olefin has good stain and moisture resistance. It tends to be very durable in a loop construction. Outside of loop construction, and when considering wearability, you may want to look at Nylon or Polyester.

Density refers to both the amount, and how tightly packed together the fibers are within the carpet. The closer together the fibers are placed, the denser the carpet will be, and the better it will wear and perform.

Twist refers to how tightly the fiber (carpet yarn) has been twisted. This is especially important in cut pile carpet because the tips are exposed and can become untwisted, giving the carpet a matted and worn appearance. The tighter the yarn is twisted, the better the carpet will stand up to crushing and matting.

What is under your carpet is just as important (if not more important) than the carpet itself. Investing in a good cushion will pay off!!! Consider the Stainmaster UltraLife rubber cushion; it’s denser, softer, more impermeable to moisture, and adds 5 years to any Stainmaster carpet warranty!

Q: Is carpet an easy-to-maintain flooring choice?
In addition to regular vacuuming, you should have your carpet cleaned at least every 2 years. When having it cleaned, use professional, truck mounted hot water extraction! Do NOT allow anyone to use soaps or solvents on your carpet; once you have soap in the carpet fibers, you can never completely get it out, and it will end up attracting more dirt. And here’s a fun fact: if you care for, clean and maintain your carpet, it can be a great flooring selection for individuals who suffer from certain allergies. For instance, wool naturally filters the air, whereas hard surfaces—like hardwood—easily and quickly collect dust that’s constantly moving about with the impact of walking feet. Maintaining carpet is easy and healthy, comparatively!

Q: You love carpet! Why?
Carpet has held its value over time and has so many different aesthetics to offer. It’s a flooring option unique in its wide variety of patterns, loops, friezes, and traditional cut piles in hundreds of colors. Just like with paint or wall paper, you can have a lot of fun designing with carpet. Saving the best for last, let’s not forget how soft and warm carpet is, when you just want to lie on the floor and watch a movie! 🙂

This Just In! Playful Area Rugs Cure Spring Fever

spring fever (n). A feeling of restlessness, excitement, or laziness brought on by the coming of spring.

We’re thankful for the inspirational images (above) of rugs by Etsi Barnes, designer for London based company Top Floor. Fancy floral patterns? Here are a few more colorful carpets we like a whole bunch:

Fade into summer with a more muted area rug, like this one (above). We love the soft yellow and the pattern’s gentle nod to traditional ornamentation.

Something New: Solarmax

Welcome the New Year! I am ready for a new beginning, fresh new adventures, ideas, designs and design materials in this years blog.

We have a new carpet on our showroom floor that with this 60 degree weather (yes, in January) and Colorado’s bright and hot wonderful sun – you might just be thankful you have Solarmax.

Solarmax is a new technology that Stainmaster has introduced as fade resistant. With west and south facing windows, your carpet has potential to fade. Use this analogy…most carpets are a like a radish – the fiber is only colored on the outside, so the inside is still white. Allowing the fiber to fade and lose its original color. 

Carpet with Solormax Technology makes the fiber more like a carrot – so the color is dyed the whole way through. Might seem to be funny to compare your carpet to food – but it makes sense!

With all the other benefits of Stainmaster; stain, soil, texture retention plus Solarmax – this carpets benefits are hard to beat!

Come take a look at our new carpets already coming out this year and return for more NEW things for 2012!


Check out our web site to learn more about Stainmaster Solarmax carpet.