3 Trends to Try in 2015

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to start taking note of any updates or décor changes that you would like to make to your home. Updates can range from new flooring, updated furniture, new wall colors, or a complete flip of a room. A new year encourages people to try new things that they otherwise wouldn’t consider, and we are here to give you 3 adventurous trends to try in 2015.

Go Bold with Gold

Brighter and more elegant than in years past, gold fixtures are once again coming back into the spotlight as an accent for bathrooms and kitchens. Gold fixtures, when used appropriately and in conjunction with the room’s current décor, can add a touch of glamour or vintage charisma to the room. A gold faucet and drawer handles give a feeling of elegance and charm when paired with light wood, white cabinets, or marble countertops.


Create Visual Impact with Texture

Another hot trend of 2015 is to create a visual impact with the addition of fabrics and patterns into your décor. Whether it’s via pillows, curtains, or artwork, adding texture to your space with geometric patterns, floral prints, ethnic prints, and images will become a popular design aspect. If you’re feeling bold incorporate a cowhide or fluffy rug into your room to bring texture to your floors.


Matte Black is Back

Marking its spot in modern décor is the use of matte finishes in your home. Not only does matte add character and depth, but it can also add edge to your room, especially when matte black is used. The cozier, more inviting shade of black softens the harsh color, transforming your room from drab and dark, to dramatic and elegant.  To balance the matte black in your room, incorporate furniture or accents in a soft white, and for those with a family, using a matte black wall as a chalkboard can add a touch of warmth to your walls.


What décor trend of 2015 are you most excited about?

Don’t Be Afraid of Pastels

Some homeowners feel that pastel colors are misused, aren’t bold enough, and are downright childish. When used correctly, and with the right amount, pastels can look sophisticated and elegant, while still being able to make a subtle, but impressive statement.

You can use the soft pastel tones all-year long and bring a light and airy feeling to your space. If you’re unsure of using pastels, start simple. Painting a chair or table in a room can bring the soft, sherbet tone to your space. A wooden chair in mint green, a lavender bedspread in your master bedroom, or light blue dishes in your kitchen are easy ways to bring pastels into your space.


If you’re feeling a bit more courageous and trusting in pastels, you can make your room appear larger simply by painting a room with a pastel color. In this case, the pastel acts as the perfect backdrop to allow you to bring in other tones. Consider bringing in multiple shades of the same color, as these colors work well when mixing textures and lines.


If you dare to bring pastels into your home, how do you incorporate the soft colors?

The Beauty of Black

There is something to be said when a color never goes out of style. The beauty of decorating with black is that the versatility of the color allows it to be used for unlimited design aesthetics and tastes.

Black conveys a sense of drama. It’s bold and can make any color that is used alongside it pop with character and flair. Black makes small rooms appear larger, makes details come to life, and when it comes to your wood floors, it works with the wood grain, making the beautiful character of the floor pop.

black picture 1

A classic look, which is most often associated with foyers, is dark floors. Black looks beautiful on floors, and by implementing this look you add a great deal of drama to your room.

black picture 2

Whether you use black to showcase artwork, on accent pieces in your rooms, or for your walls or flooring, black is a timeless color that can bring a new meaning to your space. How are you bringing this dark color into your home?

Colors of Autumn

In most homes during the fall, you’ll notice a lot of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. There are endless ways to bring fall into your home and make each room feel cozy and inviting and adding fall colors is just one.

If you’re hosting a dinner party, a great way to bring fall into your dining room is to spice up your table with a fall inspired table setting. You can find artificial leaves at your local craft store, and scatter them around the table centerpiece, which could be a tall vase with leaves and branches spilling out of it. Candles in oranges and reds compliment the design beautifully, along with pumpkins and pinecones.

Colors of Autumn 1

If you’re living in an apartment, or you simply do not have the space to host a dinner party, you can bring fall into your living room by decorating your mantel with branches, leaves, candles, pumpkins and assorted artifacts in reds, oranges, and yellows.

Colors of Autumn 2

If you don’t have a mantel, or simply would like to add color to your couches and chairs, the addition of throw pillows and blankets in fall colors will instantly bring the cozy, fall feeling into your room.

Colors of Autumn 3


How do you plan on bringing fall into your home?


Cofee Tables

The other surface, coffee tables. These are surfaces that can have huge impact. You can play around with texture, colors, and accessories. For a more personal look, you can have look books with family pictures, frames and sentimental items out. For a more funky look, have magazines with lots of color, or put a pop of color underneath like an area rug. If you like more simple and fresh looks, do something simple like a floral arrangement with some perennials or tulips in a simple vase, add a few books or magazines for some reading material. There are so many ways to style a coffee table, simple to over the top. Just don’t forget about this surface, it has a lot of potential. Your guest will appreciate a few magazines out or a conversation piece like your family album.

Felicia Klein