Four Easy Ways to Refresh Your Room

This time of the year motivates us to give our homes a deep spring cleaning. With that in mind, we want to share with you several of our favorite ways to clean our homes of the winter blues, and freshen it up a bit for the warmer months ahead!

Out With the Old

Replace wintery accent pieces with new ones in a vibrant color, such as turquoise or soft pink, or replace your throw pillows with new ones in a trending pattern or style.


Add Depth

Bring dimension to your room either with textured ceramics, such as vases, lamps and accent pieces, or add a chunky throw blanket to your couch. A blanket with the slightest bit of texture can really transform the look and feel of your room!


Freshen Up

Freshen up your room with a new coat of paint! A new color on your walls can change your room in an instant, and it also gives you a reason to update your room’s décor as well!


Spring Cleaning

One word; declutter. Get rid of any item that doesn’t serve a purpose. It will most likely be harder than you think, but it is worth it in the end!


What are your best tips or tricks for sprucing up your home for spring?

We’ll Show You 3 Addicting Spring Design Trends

With spring arriving much earlier this year than we are all accustomed to, it means that it’s time for us to share with you several of our favorite uplifting spring designs of the season that will make you and your home happy!


Textured Ceramics

When you think spring design trends, you probably think bright colors, but guess what, we have a trend that we are obsessing over that has nothing to do with color! Instead, the focus is on texture. A common design misconception is that you have to add color in order to add character to your space, but with textured ceramics, you can add character, depth and edge to your space with a simple, yet unique piece of decor.

Spring Design Textured Ceramic



A Spin on “Pop”

Did you really think that one of our favorite spring design trends wouldn’t revolve around color? There is no escaping a fun new spin on color, and this trend focuses on adding a pop to your neutrals. Take your greys, blues, yellows, or pinks for instance. Add a lighter color to a larger area of your room, and layer it with a small pop in a brighter shade as an accent.

Spring Design that Pops



Let’s Get Nautical

There is classy nautical, and then there is clichéd, over the top nautical; don’t fall prey to the wrong one! Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to adding a touch of nautical to your space. Instead of driftwood, add furniture made out of reclaimed wood, and add blue stripes with a pop of red in your room. This should be a relaxed look, giving your room the sense that a simple hint of a salty breeze has come through your windows. Style Motivation has come up with persuasive design ideas that can trick you into believing you live closer to the ocean than you actually do. Take a look at Style Motivation’s Nautical Ideas for the maritime aficionado in you.

Spring Design Nautical


What’s your favorite spring design trend that we didn’t touch upon?


Going Green

Spring is upon us, and with that come sunny days, chirping birds and budding flowers. With warmer days upon us, now is a great time to think of all of the ways that you take care of your environment, and also brainstorm how you can make a bigger impact within your community.


While cleaning litter from local parks and streets is always a great way to protect your environment, there are other ways to do so as well, and as Flooring America members, we are proud to be a part of a larger group who has taken the initiative to think outside of the box when it comes to giving back.

At Eheart Interior Solutions we believe in doing the right thing for our community, and that means taking green initiatives that can benefit both our environment and our business.  In the store, we offer sustainable products, such as cork and bamboo floors, recycled concrete countertops, and also tiles made of partially recycled content. Some of our carpets are even made from recycled water bottles, proving that recycled products do go back into your community.


Being environmentally conscious is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a great way of life and running a business. We are committed to “greening” our company in order to better our environment with our own actions through our relationships with our community, neighbors, suppliers and our employers. Our Green Select product line is made up of products that are recyclable, contain a minimum of recycled material, and/or can be made from a natural, sustainable, and renewable resource.


During this beautiful and happy time of the year, take a moment to find ways to be green, whether it is at your place of work or at home. Regardless of where or how you give back to your community, do one thing each day that will make your community a healthier and happier place!

Put a Spring in your Step with New Flooring

As with the seasons, we all change, too, and this should be reflected in your interior decor. Maybe it’s time to ask: What story is your home telling right now? You want a floor that speaks to you, but in a good way. Because the phrase, “Don’t look down” should only be something you think about on a high wire.

Floor - Wood on porch

What better way to freshen up your style than with some pretty views underfoot? Perhaps your house just needs better functionality and ease of movement or maybe it is time for some big updating and new color choices. New flooring could very well be the just the breath of fresh air that your home needs.

Floor - Bathroom

Are you constantly entertaining and in need of high durability? Or is your home your respite and you relate to the more elegant, pristine looks? With a myriad of choices, now is the time to check out some incredible flooring options for your home.

Eheart has created a fun, quick quiz to help you find out which flooring type best suits your personality and lifestyle.



showrroom april 2013























It’s April and our showroom has recently had a little decor make over. We have introduced some fun and spring like pieces. Lots of clean linens, warm textures, and emerald greens. This is sure to inspire you. Come on in and talk to one of our designers about our furniture vendors and what we can offer you in new furnishings for any room in your home. Happy Spring from Eheart Interior Solutions.

Felicia Klein