Resolve To Cover Your Windows…..

What have you been waiting for?  It’s time to give yourself the true completed look you have been waiting for in completing the interior of your home by adding the finishing touches.  Soft Window Treatments lend a finished look as well as complete the theme to any room. 
There are literally hundreds of different treatments you can use.  Window treatments can be created to enhance any design style, from contemporary to traditional. 
Here are a few ideas for you to think about.  As you look at each of these decide what you like, what you don’t and visualize what the room in the picture would look like without the treatments.  Does the treatment add something to the room or window?

There are several aspects to consider when designing an appropriate window treatment such as;
What is your budget? 
What style are you going to convey?
Is your room casual or dressy?
Do you like the rods to show or to be hidden?
Do you want the treatment to disappear into the background or do you want to make a bold statement?
These are all questions your professional interior designer can help you with and well worth the time and money spent do it correctly the first time.  

Naked Windows.. Window Treatments that save you money!

Do you love to save money? If your answer is yes, the Architella honeycomb shades are for you. This collection features a state-of-the-art, patented ,honeycomb-within-a honeycomb design offering the industry’s highest level of efficiency.

One of my Favorite Things is helping my clients get the most for their money. Do you have some Naked Windows in your home or office? I would love to help you Dress them! Not only will you save money for years to come on your utility bill with qualifying energy -efficient Hunter Douglas products, you may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit up to $1,500 . Only 21 days left to take advantage of these faboulous savings. Must be purchased and installed by December 31, 2010 to qualify for the Federal Tax Credit.