Celebrating Veterans with Pets for Patriots

Labor Day is the last big holiday before summer ends, meaning it’s one of the biggest weekends for friends, family and neighbors to throw a barbeque or party of some sort to enjoy a beautiful and wonderful summer. What most people forget is that Labor Day is meant to honor those who fought for our freedom and risked their lives for those around them, and to celebrate patriotism.

We honor our community by celebrating out veterans with Pets for Patriots, an organization that matches veterans with last-chance shelter dogs and cats.


Pets for Patriots eases the financial costs that are associated with pet ownership, and they have worked hard in order to give veterans a minimum of a 10% discount on food, vet appointments and essential supplies, for the life of the adopted pet’s care.



Not only that, but Pets for Patriots has partnered with animal shelters, rescues, SPCAs, veterinarians, pet care and service providers, and military and veterans organizations to change the lives of both veterans and the animals.

To learn more about how you can donate, participate, or read success stories, visit Pet’s for Patriots website: https://petsforpatriots.org/  or come on in to the store.