Custom Closets

We designed this closet for a 2009 Parade of Homes residence. With sleek veneer doors and a monochromatic palette, there’s plenty of space to store it all! Adjacent to a secondary laundry facility, practicality is king in this 7,000 square foot home.

If you, like me, were drooling over the celebrity closets Vickie posted about the other day, you’ll love hearing about how a custom closet system can be practical for you, too! As you begin your spring cleaning, why not get a custom closet in the works? Take stock of what you store in your closet (and what you’re storing elsewhere but would like to store in your closet!). Do you have a shoe collection that you’d like to see easily? Do you store seasonal clothing in your closet all year ’round, or prefer to swap it in as the seasons change? What is dressing like for you? Is it an experience where you take your time every morning or are you just trying to get out of the door efficiently? Your answers to these questions will help you determine exactly what your priorities are as you design your dream closet. And, designed carefully, your husband may not even have to know how big that shoe collection really is!
Shoe cubbies allow storage for the bulk of your collection…

…while tilted shoe shelves allow you to display your favorites.

How about a pull out hamper to keep your laundry out of sight?

Don’t forget the amenities! A built in coffee maker or espresso machine (plumed into the wall) to start your day off right or a just-right chair or bench can make all the difference! Fun lighting and a beautifully framed full length mirror are a must!

Have fun with the finishes in your closet. Try a bold patterned carpet or a playful paint color. Or, my personal favorite…wallpapered closets:

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