Don’t Be Afraid of Pastels

Some homeowners feel that pastel colors are misused, aren’t bold enough, and are downright childish. When used correctly, and with the right amount, pastels can look sophisticated and elegant, while still being able to make a subtle, but impressive statement.

You can use the soft pastel tones all-year long and bring a light and airy feeling to your space. If you’re unsure of using pastels, start simple. Painting a chair or table in a room can bring the soft, sherbet tone to your space. A wooden chair in mint green, a lavender bedspread in your master bedroom, or light blue dishes in your kitchen are easy ways to bring pastels into your space.


If you’re feeling a bit more courageous and trusting in pastels, you can make your room appear larger simply by painting a room with a pastel color. In this case, the pastel acts as the perfect backdrop to allow you to bring in other tones. Consider bringing in multiple shades of the same color, as these colors work well when mixing textures and lines.


If you dare to bring pastels into your home, how do you incorporate the soft colors?