Dream Closets and Dressing Spaces

Dream Closets and Dressing Spaces come in all shapes and sizes. If you have had thoughts that it would be great to be able to just walk into your closet and find everything at the tip of your fingertips, then this is the place to start. A great closet can be a surprise to anyone who might see it, including you!

Function is the most important element to consider when designing a closet. The aesthetic quality is a secondary consideration.
When planning your dream closet consider the following elements:
1. Make sure you have True Color Lighting and a lot of it.
2. Space allocation for every type & quantity of clothing you have such as shoes, sweaters, t-shirts, boots, pants, jackets, shirts, belts, ties, bags, suit cases, caps, hats, etc.
3. Locate the items you use the most at the front of the closet such as your house shoes, bathrobe, favorite clothes you wear around the house or on weekends etc.

4. Remember to put a charging station for your phone, mp3 player, computer, etc. Make sure there are enough outlet locations for everyone who shares the closet.
5. Make a drawer for the items you carry everyday, company pass, wallet, car keys, house keys, etc.

6. Make a travel drawer for electrical conversion kit, passport, etc.
7. Create space for items that make you happy; such as pictures, favorite colors, jokes, music, coffee maker, souvenir displays, fun cabinetry pulls, bright drawer lining, etc. This is usually one of the first places you visit in the morning and one of the last places you see before going to bed at night.
8. Flexibility in the adjustment and arrangement of the cabinetry or shelving system you select is also important. This will be a organizational investment and you want it to last forever. Make certain all of the organizational elements you need are a part of the system you utilize or of the custom cabinetry you are selecting.
9. If you have valuable items you might want to consider locking cabinetry, a fireproof jewelry and personal paper safe, a cooling closet for your furs as well as temperature and humidity control.
10. A three way mirror is also an excellent addition to any closet. If you don’t have room, you can put a full length mirror on the back of the door, front of the door or on cabinetry door fronts in the closet.
11. If you closet is located off your master bath you may want the décor to appear to be an extension of your master bath. If off your master bedroom you may want it to be a closet/dressing area which would have the same or complimentary finishes to your bedroom. For the truly adventurous you could create a completely separate space which is a totally different personality than any of the rest of your home environment, almost like your own personal hide away. For the guys “The Man Cave Closet” and for the gals “The All Out Feminine Closet” for instance.
12. Any spacious closet should have a comfortable place to sit to put on your shoes or just think about what you are wearing while having a cup of coffee.
After considering all of the items you might want to include, think about how many linear feet of space it would really take to have all your necessary clothing at your fingertips. Remember clothing will take 24” of depth hanging space. Measure how many feet you have available and see if what you want will fit. If the area is too small you could consider making an extra bedroom your closet dressing room or dividing your clothes into seasons and putting your out of season clothing in a well organized closet area in another part of the house such as a spare bedroom or the basement.

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