Shorter days, lower temperatures, and colorful leaves are just a few of the many implications that fall is upon us. Seasonal changes provide you with an opportunity to change the décor of your home, both inside and out. Fall is filled with warm scents and beautiful colors, and here at Eheart Interior Solutions, we want to bring those seasonal sensations to your home.

Let’s begin with the entry way, shall we? A decorated entry way is the perfect start to giving your home the fall feel you are looking for. Pumpkins, corn stalks, raffia, or straw all make for festive, and cost effective-additions to your entry way. Want to go above and beyond? Wrap autumn inspired garland around your mailbox or porch columns, and visitors will feel warmly welcomed even before stepping inside.


Now that we have the entry way taken care of, let’s move inside. Where better to start your interior decorating than the dinner table? Choose a festive centerpiece such as a cornucopia, pumpkins, or a colorful assortment of leaves that will be sure to catch the eye of your guests. These same decorations can also be used throughout the rest of the house in eye-catching places such as the mantel over your fireplace.


Preparing the interior of your house for fall isn’t all about the visuals. One of the best aspects of the fall season is the delicious smells. Fill your home with aromas like pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple cider, and burning wood from your fireplace. Consider also using candles, incense, or a boiled pot of spices to leave your house smelling autumn amazing.