How long does a kitchen remodel take?

Well, it depends.

We put kitchen remodeling projects into two different categories which helps us project a timeline and help us answer that question, “How long does a kitchen remodel take?”

The “Pull and Replace” category

We refer to a “pull and replace” project as one where we come in, pull most things and replace them with new. So, we’ll come in, pull the cabinets and countertops, the sink, the oven and microwave and replace them with new items.

A “pull and replace” project includes the demo, any drywall that needs replacing/repairing, electrical and plumbing.

Generally, once we have the items in hand – the cabinets, the new appliances, the countertops – we can complete the project in three weeks, start to finish.

But, there are definitely a few things to remember. Before we ever step foot in a house to start removing and replacing things, we have to plan. Planning consists of a number of different things. Countertops and cabinets have to be selected and ordered.. Appliance decisions need to be made as well as a new sink and fixtures. In terms of length of time, cabinets take the longest to order and get delivered from the supplier. We base our time estimates on when those items will be ready.

The “Major Remodel” category

We refer to a “major remodel” project as one where many things are changing. The project itself is way more involved than a “pull and replace” project. Often, the entire layout of the kitchen changes. Flooring may be removed and replaced. Walls may come down. Electrical and plumbing may need to be reworked and/or brought up to current code. All of this adds complexity to the overall project.

Drywall, painting, electrical and plumbing is all figured into a “major remodel”. When we look at a project like this, from start to finish, we generally estimate eight weeks. But, as with a “pull and replace” much planning must go into it prior to the contractors walking into the house to begin work.

Based on the type of work, permits may need to be pulled. Design work may need to be done. Of course, cabinets countertops and the other items already mentioned will need to be determined and ordered.

Our Commitment

We’ve been helping people remodel kitchens for a long time. We know what it takes to get the job done. Our contractors generally work a 5 day week so you have your weekends free. We do our best to stick to the timeline. When things do arise that may set us back, we confer quickly with the homeowner. We really do work to keep things on schedule as we know how disruptive construction can be in your home.


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