Lights on or off?

It seems our clients are more stumped by the ins and outs of lighting than any other home how-to.  So, let’s tackle your most frequently asked questions:

What alternatives exist to the standard 2 or 3 light vanity fixture?

Don’t get stuck with a standard-issue 2 or 3 light vanity fixture.  I love sconces for their softness and beautiful symmetry that they contribute to a bathroom.  Hang them just a little below eye level, about 60-65 inches from the floor  and about 3 feet apart to prevent shadowing and maximize your make-up lighting.  This isn’t a great solution if you and your spouse are vastly different in height.  In your powder bath, try a cluster of pendants hung asymetrically instead!

Stay tuned for more this week and next!

What lighting questions do you have?


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