Rock Your Babe In Your Crib

Are you ready for week 3 of “Rock Your Babe In Your Crib”?  What did you discover from last week’s exercise?
This week we are going to continue the adventure of discovering your style with some other questions and exercises. 
Which of the below pictures do you gravitate to upon first glance?  You might want to print out a page and circle the ones that get your attention.  Try not to think about them.  Just go with your gut instinct at your very first glance. 
Which would you say best fits your lifestyle or the lifestyle you would like your living or live/work environment to support?

Which Bar Stools could you see in Your Crib? 

Which of the above single chairs could you see actually using?

Which bench or ottoman could you see yourself using as a ottoman to put your feet up, extra seating for special quests, a bench to put on your shoes or a place to fold down your bedding at night?

Which of these luxurious beds could you see yourself spending long hours catching up on your shut eye?

Which chair and ottoman could you see yourself sitting by the fire, reading or just relaxing in?
Which of these sofas would you spend time lounging, partying, sleeping or reading on? Which is your favorite and why?
Which cabinet could you see using for your flat screen and or entertainment center?  What size is our flat screen and specifically what components would you need to house in the unit?
Of the items you’ve circled, which five would you consider for yourself?

Just a few other things to think about…
What is your absolute favorite color?
What is your budget?
What is your timeline goal to have your project complete?
Would you like to do your complete Crib to Rock Your Babe all at once or do you want to stage the process?
What type of textures do you like?  Slick flat, soft, hard, contrasting etc…..
Do you like a lot of light or not very much?
As other items come to mind….. jot them down and have some FUN with this!
After you complete this small exercise and know what you would like to start implementing in your home give me a call, send me an email, or post a comment and let’s get started!

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