Rock Your Babe in Your Crib: Her Favorite Things

Why not make some fun intimate areas in you crib that
SHE will love…. a few of her favorite things. 
Candle holders come in many styles and shapes which will not only add to
the art of your space but when lit lend some romance to any area of the
home.Table tops, side tables, bedside tablesor night stands, fireplace
mantles, tub surrounds are all likely spots for a candle holder or two.
Put some larger scale hurricane style candle holders on the dining table, buffet
or the floor in some special spot you like to hang out with your special honey.

Surprise her by putting some feminine touches in her dressing area,
or put a Goddess Chandelier over your dining area and
let her know in a big way that she matters. 
Show her just how secure you really are!

If she has alot of work to always get done, create a space for
her at your Crib in her own special corner to get it done.  She will
love the thought and she’ll love being able to spend more time at
your Crib.

Put a special mirror in her own dressing area
that you create just for her.  She will love
having her own space in your Crib.
You could turn a guest room into her entire dressing room.  Put a dressing table,
hanging racks for her clothes, a full length mirror, a chaise lounge and an awesome
carpet on the floor along with her favorite color on the walls and you will have
hit a home run!

What about an Ottoman of Roses!!  Red Roses have for centuries been
a symbol of true Love.  These roses will never wilt and she will think of
you every time she sits down or puts her feet up on this beautiful piece of
furniture.  You can have your comfy leather chair and she can use this
piece any place she wants to in your Crib.

If you like to give beautiful gifts to your honey, try putting them in special boxes like these. Jewelry boxes are always a great item to keep those precious items in, even when she’s at your place.  She will think of you everytime she uses them.  Pick something she will like as well as something that will look good at your place as an accessory!
These are just a few of my favorite things for her.  Stop by and we can
put some things together for her that you can surprise her with! 

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