Rock Your Babe in Your Crib!

If you have been wondering how to impress the babe of your dreams this blog series is for you!
Have you ever thought about the environment you live in being a key factor in finding that gal of your dreams?
Your living environment really says a lot about you.  It speaks volumes without you ever saying a word.  It may say, “Wow this guy is really a mess!”  or, it may say “He has great taste, is very organized, he is fun, adventurous and is living the kind of life I want to be part of!”  Which one of these impressions would make your space work for you as an extension of your personality? Why not have your living environment working on your behalf as a “Babe” magnet?  Not just any kind of babe magnet, but specifically your type of Babe!
Over the next few weeks we are going to be exploring the best way’s to Rock Your Babe In Your Crib,  featuring great ideas to help you create a space to woo her.  Get ready for some hints, looks, pictures and exercises to do to make your space sizzle and your life more fun!
Let’s start with the basics:
Step 1: The very first step is to get organized and only keep around you books, accessories, clothes, sports memorabilia, furniture, etc., which really reflect who you are today and who you want your babe to perceive you as.  Get rid of last year, 10 years ago and all high school or college items, unless you are in high school or college.   If you need an objective perspective, ask a sister or a good friend to help you clear out the old stuff!  There is no need to make space for items no longer needed.  Set a date to actually go thru this process and get it done.
Step 2: As you are cleaning and organizing to see what you will keep, make notes in a notebook or leather bound journal of ideas that come to your mind.  These should be things you want to do with your environment that support your personality, lifestyle, style, colors, sleeping habits, cooking habits, sports habits, entertainment habits, travel interests, music interests, outdoor living environments, etc.  Ideas you have seen and said “I really like that, I would like to have or do that” are the ones you want to use.  Let the sky be the limit!  You never know how some of these ideas may be able to be applied by a designer with a broad range of abilities on your behalf.  Nothing is impossible!
These first two steps should keep you busy until Thursday while we get ready to start the make over process of your living environment!

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