Timeless Styles…Damask and Stripes

Tile, Fabric, Lamps…you name it and you have seen Damask and Stripe Patterns on all different elements of design for, well, centuries. Both of with are on my list of timeless favorites.


With the style of tile changing so dramatically in the last 5-7 years, manufactures had to come out with those timeless pattens that we all love! 12″ x 24″ Damask Tile from Interceramic will provide you with that timeless bathroom wall you have been dreaming about; or what about the wall behind your headboard?! Get creative and have fun with some vivid color stripes in your kids bathroom or brighten up your laundry room with Aquarelle also from Interceramic.


Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional….you name it and Damask and/or Stripes normally works with any of them! Take a look at this mix of Massoud Furniture and Fabric in Damask and Stripes on different styles of furniture.


Another design element that has changed dramatically from what most of us remember. Using different materials, textures and designs wallpaper is the perfect way to finish any room. Once again in our timeless styles that we just can’t get enough of!

Now that I have you thinking, do you have a wall for tile or wallpaper or a piece of furniture that needs some timeless Damask or Stripes?

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