We Have Your Messiest Moments Covered

They say that life is about simple pleasures, and we agree.

7-year old Tommy finds no greater happiness than watching cartoons every Saturday morning, while attentively sitting straight-up on your plush, living room carpet.

Claire, you’re creative 11-year old loves nothing more than painting with her new water color set.

Charlie, your loveable Golden Retriever loves rolling around on the carpet, while you might enjoy a glass of wine while reading on your couch.

Flash forward a little bit, and Tommy has spilled his orange juice, Claire knocked over her dirty water bowl, Charlie brought mud inside, and you just knocked over your glass of wine.

Life does bring simple pleasures, but it also brings spills, and for an active household like yours, we have your family and life’s messiest moments covered with our Resista Soft Style carpet.


Not only does Resista carpet repel liquid and spills upon contact, but the Liquid Repelling technology allows for the liquid to bead up and be blotted away for quick and effective clean-up.

No matter how often Charlie gallops throughout the house and rolls around on your floors, Resista is engineered to provide rich color clarity and excellent stain and fade resistance, giving it quality that you can stand on, and that Charlie can roll on.


So, let Tommy eat his breakfast on the floor, and don’t worry about where Claire paints, because our Resista carpet not only adds comfort to your feet, but it leaves you with peace of mind in knowing that no spill will get past our carpet.