Larger Than Life
·      Selecting or choosing from various sources
·      Made up of what is selected from different sources
Our Larger Than Life vignette is a group that mixes different wood species & shades; feminine accessories; a masculine bed with a very simple yet striking comforter set. Pulling from different inspirations, when paired together defines a magical place.
Two tips inspired by the Larger Than Life bedroom group:
1.     Mix & Match Woods!  When done right will result in a space all your own without being boxed into a cookie cutter “set”
2.     HEADBOARDS, HEADBOARDS, HEADBOARDS!!!  Please do not be a victim of what I would describe as a fashion disaster.  Unless you have a style design space relevant to a minimalist commitment, do not miss having such a defining focal point of your bedroom.  Today there are so many interesting types to choose from:
       Raw Wood
       Exotic Wood
       Traditional Silhouettes
       Gloss Veneer…
        The list goes on and on …
Larger Than Life is a White Hot ironwood bed with Moroccan inspired carved geometry & detailing.

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