About Fort Collins Remodel

“We believe interior spaces are as much about comfort and identity as they are about function. We are passionate about creating distinctive spaces and that passion is reflected in our advice, quality products, and service”

– Ken Eheart, Founder of Eheart Interior Solutions

Fort Collins Remodel Ken Eheart

When Ken Eheart started Eheart’s Flooring in 1979, his vision and drive would propel the company to grow and become the premier partner for flooring design and installation. This vision would continue to expand beyond just offering flooring services, bringing all design decisions under one roof. This has allowed Eheart to offer full kitchen and bath remodel services and the company has continued to bring its valuable expertise to Northern Colorado homes for over four decades.

Today, Eheart operates out of its Fort Collins showroom, offering expert design services and long-standing partnerships with our contractors. We handle all of the design, scheduling, ordering, storage, delivery, demo and installation, making the whole process as easy as possible for our clients. When you work with Eheart, you are going to have an amazing, and easy experience in having your dream spaces realized in your home.