Beautiful Beach House

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the calming serenity of a house at the beach, without all the sand or the hassle of traveling there? Well look no further, because we at Eheart Interior Solutions are here to help you create a beautiful beach house right in the comfort of your very own home.

Various shades of blue such as turquoise, navy, and sky are among popular choices when designing your nautical nest. Pairing blues with neutral colors such as white or gray can make a seaside statement in any household. It doesn’t take much, a small feature such as a navy and white striped rug (seen in the picture below) is enough to please any ocean enthusiast.


Now that we have covered the colors, let’s make a splash with the scenery. Sea shells are a seasonal favorite, and make a perfect addition to tables or countertops. Crafty anchors (unless for some reason you have a real one) can be hung onto walls or propped in various places throughout the house. Consider also bringing the coast closer to home with pictures of the ocean, or anything that signifies the seven seas.


Have a house at the beach or plan to purchase one? Check out Eheart Interior Solutions for all of your flooring needs. With over 17,000+ flooring options backed by our industry leading warranties, you can be sure that together, we will pursue the perfect floor for your summer getaway.