Going Green

Spring is upon us, and with that come sunny days, chirping birds and budding flowers. With warmer days upon us, now is a great time to think of all of the ways that you take care of your environment, and also brainstorm how you can make a bigger impact within your community.


While cleaning litter from local parks and streets is always a great way to protect your environment, there are other ways to do so as well, and as Flooring America members, we are proud to be a part of a larger group who has taken the initiative to think outside of the box when it comes to giving back.

At Eheart Interior Solutions we believe in doing the right thing for our community, and that means taking green initiatives that can benefit both our environment and our business.  In the store, we offer sustainable products, such as cork and bamboo floors, recycled concrete countertops, and also tiles made of partially recycled content. Some of our carpets are even made from recycled water bottles, proving that recycled products do go back into your community.


Being environmentally conscious is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a great way of life and running a business. We are committed to “greening” our company in order to better our environment with our own actions through our relationships with our community, neighbors, suppliers and our employers. Our Green Select product line is made up of products that are recyclable, contain a minimum of recycled material, and/or can be made from a natural, sustainable, and renewable resource.


During this beautiful and happy time of the year, take a moment to find ways to be green, whether it is at your place of work or at home. Regardless of where or how you give back to your community, do one thing each day that will make your community a healthier and happier place!

Why Work With a Designer?

As you begin to think about what your home improvement budget will allow this year, consider engaging an interior designer early on.   
Isn’t that more expensive?  Won’t I get a design that reflects the designer’s taste, not my own?   How hard can it be…I know just want I want?  
These are common objections that we tackle day to day as we tell people about what we do as designers.  This month, we’ll be addressing some of these common objections, tell you what it is like to work with an Eheart designer, and give you a couple of ideas of how to prepare to work with one of us. 
So, why work with an interior designer?

Establish continuity through your entire space.  Most people can’t do it all at once.  Perhaps they do a room or a two at a time, or do finishes in a room and then update furnishings down the road.  Regardless of how it gets done, most people complete their home over a series of projects–not a single overhaul.  An interior designer can help you establish a long range plan for your design that will create continuity through your entire space.  That way, when the last project is finally done, your whole house looks tied together and you don’t have to go back and redo the first few rooms to mesh with the last few.
Save money.  I had a client come in the other day to ask for my business card to give to a friend.  She’d been at a holiday party a few nights before and heard her friend talk about getting ready to do their kitchen.  We had just completed the design for her master bath.  She said “You know, I look back and think…we could have done it ourselves and spent more money than we wanted to, settled on materials, and had a space that looked like we, well, did it ourselves.  Instead, we got a creative design, stayed in our budget and have the peace of mind that everything is going to go smoothly.”  This client’s statement captured what I try to convey to people all the time.  Designers are familiar enough with people in the industry, products, and creative methods that will help you do what you want to do without breaking the bank.
Clever, fresh ideas.  Part of a designer’s job is to stay on top of trends, new products, and new construction methods.  So, by working with a designer, you’ll be sure that you’re not just recycling ideas, color schemes, and materials from three years ago.
Do it right the first time and avoid headaches.  Interior design possess nuances even seasoned designers cannot explain…like why toilets don’t come with seats, or why faucets don’t come with drains.  By engaging a designer early on in your project, you’ll get things ordered correctly and avoid costly replacements or surprise costs.

Establish the correct sequence of projects.  Since most people change their homes in phases, an interior designer can help you settle on a logical sequence of those phases to avoid costly redos down the road.