6 Trendy Father’s Day Ideas to Astound Your Dad

With Father’s Day this Sunday, we’d like to share our top Trendy Father’s Day gift ideas for inspiration.

  1. Zippo Wallet – This retro wallet is stainless steel, impenetrable to RF thieves, and fits dad’s cash and personal cards.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Zippo Wallet

  2. Wet Shave Starter Kit – Give your dad the gift of a fantastic shave every time. This wet shaving kit includes a chrome-plated Double-Edge Safety Razor, Badger Hair Shave Brush, Close Shave Formula, and hydrating After Shave Balm.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Shaving Kit

  3. IPA Brewing Kit – Is your dad a DIYer? With this Brewing Kit, he can create a seafaring ale with a complex hop profile including citrus, floral, and spice. The hops are sourced from Washington state’s Yakima Valley. On your mark. Get set. Start your brewing.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Brewing Kit

  4. ENO Hammock – Perfect for the outdoorsy father. If you’re rugged father needs a place to rest after a long day conquering the outdoors, he’ll have the nap of a lifetime.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Hammock

  1. Black Ratio Global Carryon – If your dad is a traveler, he’ll appreciate the best in suitcase technology. This suitcase combines agility, smoothness, and aesthetics into one highly maneuverable traveling experience.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Suitcase

  2. Apple Watch –If your dad is a watch lover, it might be time for a technology upgrade. With retina display and Force Touch, a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and a gyroscope, he’ll get all the fitness data he needs to be a champion.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Apple Watch


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4 Ways to Make a Dorm Room Feel Warm Welcoming

With the college school year quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how your son or daughter will decorate their dorm. This is the first time that they will have free reign over what goes in their dorm room, so it’s important for them to make it feel like home.

More times than not, colleges do not allow you to paint the walls, and most often the walls are made of white cement blocks. In these rooms, it’s especially important to make their room feel warm and welcome. While your son or daughter will want to decorate on their own, we have 4 great ideas that you can subtly hint at when they go back to school shopping, with you or with their friends!

4 Ways to Make a Dorm Room Feel Warm & Welcoming

  • Add Curtains in a Fun Pattern

Since you most likely won’t be able to paint the walls, it’s important to bring color to the walls, which can be done with curtains, while also allowing your son or daughter to sleep in when their schedule allows. Choose curtains that will not only add character to their space, but will also showcase their personality.


  • Add an Area Rug

Dorm room floors are often cold, hard and dreary, so add a bit of softness and color by adding an area rug to their space!


  • It’s All About Storage

Most dorm rooms are on the smaller side so storage space can often be limited. Consider adding fun shelving units that can be stacked upwards to hold books, devices, and other items. Storage units and bins are offered in an assortment of fun colors, so choose the color or colors that best represent your son or daughter!


  • Add Decorative Touches

What better way to make a dorm room feel like home than adding personal touches and pretty decorative pieces to the space? Throw pillows, flowers and decorative blankets all add a bit of character to their space, making it feel like home away from home.


What are your favorite décor tips to make a dorm room feel like home?


showrroom april 2013























It’s April and our showroom has recently had a little decor make over. We have introduced some fun and spring like pieces. Lots of clean linens, warm textures, and emerald greens. This is sure to inspire you. Come on in and talk to one of our designers about our furniture vendors and what we can offer you in new furnishings for any room in your home. Happy Spring from Eheart Interior Solutions.

Felicia Klein


Cofee Tables

The other surface, coffee tables. These are surfaces that can have huge impact. You can play around with texture, colors, and accessories. For a more personal look, you can have look books with family pictures, frames and sentimental items out. For a more funky look, have magazines with lots of color, or put a pop of color underneath like an area rug. If you like more simple and fresh looks, do something simple like a floral arrangement with some perennials or tulips in a simple vase, add a few books or magazines for some reading material. There are so many ways to style a coffee table, simple to over the top. Just don’t forget about this surface, it has a lot of potential. Your guest will appreciate a few magazines out or a conversation piece like your family album.

Felicia Klein

Pillow Talk

Christmas is getting closer…

Having a hard time figuring out the perfect gift for a few loved ones in your life? What a better way to spice up someone’s life with a little bit of color! Leyla’s Felt Pillows are some of my favorite accessories and they seem to work for almost everyone in my life. A friend with a new baby, even a bachelor that needs some color and softness in his pad – while still being manly, of course.

Maybe you know a tree hugger or nature lover. The uniqueness of Leyla’s felt pillows get layered on with great dimension, colors and textures.

If you can’t find the perfect design/pattern, you can always spell it out! These pillows might be the finishing touch they were looking for to complete their space. If they weren’t looking, trust me, they will be very thankful!