Spring cleaning (or spring hiding, if you prefer)

March is here, and the long-standing tradition of “spring cleaning” will soon be upon us. A place for everything, and everything in its place, they say. But what about the little items that always seem to be without a proper home?

I’m currently working on a furniture project for a client who is begging for functional storage by her doors. Everyone can relate to an entryway cluttered with shoes, bicycle helmets, keys, pet leashes, books, packages to mail…. (should we go on?)

An entry console table is a nice option for the particularly tidy folk, but sometimes the space–and our lifestyles–call for a nice, big, accomdating chest. After purusing some of my favorite furniture makers, I thought I’d share my fabulous findings with you.

Whether you’re spring cleaning or spring hiding, consider an entry piece to help house those wandering odds and ends.

Beyond Utility Utility Rooms

Why not make your utility room something you enjoy going into to spend time?

Utility Rooms can be areas for many home functions. You can have a place to drop your jacket, shoes, skis, or a place to do your laundry, ironing, sewing, painting, crafts, or do your household accounting. Think about the things you have to do at home that you would love to have a more functional work space in which to implement and plan from. What are the specific tasks? Those are the things you can plan your utility area around.
This is an area you can do unique features in that will just make you smile! You can be a little out of the box in this area! Paint the space your favorite color, feature pictures of fun events, calendar of family or personal schedules, vacations etc. Just make this a place you really enjoy spending time or passing through.
Give us a call if you would like to have Utility put back in your Utility Room! Make us your Master of Organization Coach! After all, you deserve to have it the way you want it!

Organize Your Kitchen!

Let Eheart Interior Solutions design a kitchen that is more than just a pretty face. Our Eheart Essentials Cabinetry Line works hard so you don’t have to! Whether you’re after creating a gourmet wonderland or a utilitarian kitchen that gets the crowd fed, a carefully considered accessory package will make your kitchen the hardest working room in your home. And don’t stop with practical inclusions like wastebasket pull outs, appliance garages, and spice drawers. Display your favorite cookbooks and let your collections take center stage with glass shelving, pigeon hole shelving, and wine storage. The possibilities are endless!

Resolve to…Experience Life After Oak!

What the 1990s did to design is just about irreprehensible, is it not?!?!  If you, like us, are tired of walking into a home with oak trim, oak cabinets, oak floors, and oak furniture…RESOLVE to do it differently this year!

Does this look familiar?

Get rid of your oak!  There are too many beautiful cabinet and floor species and finishes to be stuck in a rut!

Paint and glaze finishes and antiquing are very popular for cabinets right now.  Consider non traditional floor finishes–like rich, wide plank ebony or cinder colored maple. 

Resolve to…Finally Have the Storage You Need!

This is the time of year where everyone starts to think about storage…and how their home is lacking in this department. As you tackle areas that include cabinetry, consider how you live in a space. Ask your designer to really walk through your space with you and talk about how you use it and what you need it to do. Tell your designer what is frustrating about your current kitchen and what you covet about your friends’ kitchens (admit it, you do!).
Eheart carries several different cabinetry lines, our most custom being our own line, Eheart Essentials. This locally made, high quality frameless cabinet eliminates cabinet boxes, providing 10-15% more storage than a traditional framed cabinet. Highly customizable, this line also includes the option to add built in storage in a myriad of ways. Take a peek at a few:
Muffin tins, sheet pans, and cookie trays finally find an organized home in a simple cabinet with vertical dividers. 
When you tour a home that is on the market, one of the thing people tend to notice is that it has so much counter space.  You’ve been fooled.  Everything was off of the counters–a simple way to make even a small kitchen spacious.  This knife drawer eliminates the need for your knife block to be on the counter and can even include a removable cutting board.
A pantry pull out takes advantage of as little as nine inches of cabinet space and offers tremendous storage.
Stand mixers…everybody has one, no one knows where to put it!  How about a lift, which allows you to use your mixer without even removing it from the lift surface.  When you’re done, simply lower the lift back into the base cabinet it is stored in!
Pot and pan storage becomes a breeze by utilizing deep drawers instead of awkward to access cabinets.  Pegs divide the pans and give each pot a home.
Spice drawers allow you to see what you have on hand with just a single glance.  Place one by your cooktop for all of your cooking spices and one near your baking center for all of your baking spices!
Come on in to one of our three kitchen vignettes, fully outfitted with storage for every budget!