How To Float Furniture

Floating furniture allows you to break free from the instinct regarding how a room is “supposed to be arranged”. Force yourself to break the rules. Yes, you have to have function, flow and balance but please do not feel the need to push all of your furniture against the walls.
There really are no rules… put a bench in the middle of the room on the other side of a coffee table or accessorize with floating pillars creating height and dimension in a space. As long as the back of a piece is finished put it anywhere you want. For instance, float a settee possibly with a console table to layer pieces further. You can even float a bed in the middle of the room or on an angle.

What wE Love Now: Floating Furniture

Does your room look like a bomb went off and splattered all of your furniture against the wall? If it does you need help. By pushing everything as far apart as you can, you eliminate walkways, create distance between pieces, and remove the coziness of a well-planned room. So what do you do? Push it all together. First, determine the focal point of the room. Possibly a TV, a window, or fireplace would suffice. Group your furniture around this and add seating as needed. Your couch, bed, or armchairs do not have to be pressed against the wall. In fact by moving them away it brings the conversations closer and the seating more intimate. Walkways are created around the area making the room feel cozy and comfortable while controlling traffic around your furniture.

Finally, choose a rug size to complete the area. In a living room, choose a rug that will allow furniture to either fall slightly under the pieces or completely envelop the furniture. In a bedroom, have the rug come out from underneath the bed and really showcase your bed. A four-post bed is emphasized when pulled away from the wall with a featured rug floating in the space.

If you have not yet chosen your furniture consider this. Choose pieces that are finished all the way around, such as this Lexington piece from the Ocean Club collection.

You can add your own style in the accessories you place on it. This sofa table can be placed in an open area creating separation between two rooms.

If you are a modernist at heart, check out these floating stairs. They create space and openness while being just flat-out amazing.