3 Hardwood Floor Trends We Are Over

These days, everyone is experimenting with hardwood floors or using materials to mimic hardwood floors. There are so many styles, finishes and types of wood to choose from. We thought we would share the hardwood floor trends that we are sick of seeing:

What we’re sick of: Grey hardwood

Choosing grey flooring for your kitchen limits you to selecting a cool color palette for everything in the kitchen. We find that our customers select grey hardwood as a reactive decision to make a dramatic change from their previous floor. As a trend, grey hardwood is nearing the end of its lifecycle.

What to do instead: Dune/Drift hardwood

This style has a contemporary look and is made to look like wood that has been washed onto a shore by winds, tides, or waves. It is a color between warm and cool which positions it well for trend shifts. It also plays well with gold and grey color schemes.

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What we’re sick of: Dark hardwood

This style is a nightmare to clean and looks dirty the same day you mop it. You can also see every scratch because the wood is natively a brighter color beneath the dark surface.

What to do instead: Light natural hardwood finishes

Lightly colored finishes are ideal for families with pets and young children as they hide dust, pet stains, and food spills. We recommend hickory, white oak, maple, and light natural walnut as hardwood finishes. Each of these finishes are great at highlighting the appealing characteristics and graininess of the wood.

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What we’re sick of: Glossy hardwood

This style is a little too formal to match the design of most current homes. It can also be impractical for living spaces because it easily shows scratches and dust.

What to do instead:  Matte hardwood

With a handcrafted and artisan feel, this wood offers a wide selection of color choices. Matte hardwood is prefinished for durability to hide scratches, dirt, and other imperfections.

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If you want to know more about hardwood floor trends or would like personalized recommendations for your home, our talented designers are happy to help.


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We Have Your Messiest Moments Covered

They say that life is about simple pleasures, and we agree.

7-year old Tommy finds no greater happiness than watching cartoons every Saturday morning, while attentively sitting straight-up on your plush, living room carpet.

Claire, you’re creative 11-year old loves nothing more than painting with her new water color set.

Charlie, your loveable Golden Retriever loves rolling around on the carpet, while you might enjoy a glass of wine while reading on your couch.

Flash forward a little bit, and Tommy has spilled his orange juice, Claire knocked over her dirty water bowl, Charlie brought mud inside, and you just knocked over your glass of wine.

Life does bring simple pleasures, but it also brings spills, and for an active household like yours, we have your family and life’s messiest moments covered with our Resista Soft Style carpet.


Not only does Resista carpet repel liquid and spills upon contact, but the Liquid Repelling technology allows for the liquid to bead up and be blotted away for quick and effective clean-up.

No matter how often Charlie gallops throughout the house and rolls around on your floors, Resista is engineered to provide rich color clarity and excellent stain and fade resistance, giving it quality that you can stand on, and that Charlie can roll on.


So, let Tommy eat his breakfast on the floor, and don’t worry about where Claire paints, because our Resista carpet not only adds comfort to your feet, but it leaves you with peace of mind in knowing that no spill will get past our carpet.

The Carpet vs Hardwood Debate

Pick the Most Practical

Choosing new flooring for your home can be a daunting task. The amount of available flooring options makes it difficult to make even simple decisions, such as whether hardwood vs carpet is the best option for you.  Although both hardwood and carpet are great flooring options, it is important to pick the most practical choice for your lifestyle.


Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are a great option if you are looking for a warm and sophisticated feel for your home. They make for easy clean-up and require little maintenance. Wood matches just about everything, making it the ideal choice if you change your style frequently. You can change the colors of your walls or your furniture as often as you’d like, and the floors will still look great!


Add Style

Need to mix up the style of your floor? You can always add an area rug to spice things up or sand and stain your hardwood floors for a fresh new look! To top it off, hardwood floors are long-lasting and add value to your home.

Carpet vs hardwood flooring

Carpet Floors

Carpet on the other hand, gives your home a comfortable and welcoming feeling. There is a wide variety of options, making it easy to find the perfect carpet to fit your lifestyle and taste. Carpet is a safer option for households with kids, as it is more fall-proof and more comfortable for sitting, working, or playing on the floor. Carpet can now be recycled, making these sustainable products better for the environment!


Carpet vs Hardwood – Which is Right for your Family?

Both wood and carpet flooring look great in a home! They both work as good insulators and can help reduce allergens. There is no one type of flooring that is better than the other in the carpet vs hardwood debate, but there may be a certain type of flooring that is better suited to you!

Carpet vs hardwood living room

What do you look for when choosing flooring for your home?

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

When it comes to choosing flooring for your new home or a remodel, the task can be extremely tiring, confusing, and overwhelming. If you’re in the market for a floor that is beautiful, durable and affordable, laminate just might be your best option, and we are here to share with you the top benefits of laminate flooring!

 1. Low Price

One benefit of laminate flooring is that it is affordable. If you’re on a budget but are in love with the look of hardwood, laminate is going to be the best option for your situation. With costs up to 50% less than hardwood, you can get the look and feel of hardwood without the additional expenses.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring Kitchen

Lesser Tree from the Floorcraft Collection

 2. Looks Like Hardwood

Thanks to the ever-evolving printing capabilities of today, another benefit of laminate flooring is that it’s designed to replicate the look of hardwood. Can you tell the difference?

Benefits of Laminate Flooring Hallway

Marmoset Murdock from the Floorcraft Collection

 3. Easy to Clean

Unlike hardwood, laminate flooring is resistant to stains, making it extremely easy to maintain and clean. Laminate is not waterproof, so be sure to clean up spills rather quickly to avoid lasting damage!

Benefits of Laminate Flooring Living Room

San Clemente Standard from the Floorcraft Collection

 4. Extremely Durable

This type of flooring is one of the most durable options, as it is resistant to both fading from sunlight and scratches from daily use. It works great in any room, especially those that are high traffic with both kids and animals running around!

Benefits of Laminate Flooring Bedroom

Grevy Peasant from the Floorcraft Collection

Share your top benefits of laminate flooring with us.

How to Have the Best Relationship with Your Hardwood Floors

It is all fun and games during the summer months until the dreaded humidity strikes. Often, families stay inside their air-conditioned homes or go on day trips to indoor facilities to escape the dry air and seek relief. Not only does humidity affect us, but it also affects those households with hardwood flooring.


We all want the perfect floor for our home. You want a floor that can handle heavy foot traffic on the busiest of days, a floor that is strong enough to handle the hardest of falls, and a floor that is built for a long-term commitment. You want your floors to increase the value of your property, and hardwood does just that.


Hardwood brings warmth and beauty to your home, is easy to clean and maintain, and most importantly, hardwood is often offered in a variety of styles, stains and colors to fit your style.

While there are many perks to choosing hardwood, these floors do run into a little bit of trouble when humidity strikes. Moisture, which is a direct result from the humidity, causes hardwood floors to warp and buckle, and an increase in humidity is also an increase in your problems.

To prevent any warping in your beautiful flooring, make sure to keep the humidity levels low by running the air conditioner, as this will not only keep your home cool, but it will also pull the moisture out of your floors, leaving both you and your hardwood floors happy.


For more information on hardwood flooring: HERE