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New: Dovetail Furniture & Accessories

Not new to the world, but new to us. Dovetail offers unique pieces speaking to a range of tastes and styles, from classic // traditional to industrial // minimalistic.

Here’s a peek at a few favorites:












































Take a Seat, Let’s Talk About Chairs.

Let’s talk about mixing & matching chairs.

The black color unifies the eclectic collection of chair styles.

Office chairs in a residential setting: delightfully unexpected!

The blue wall color shows up in most of the chair seats, leaving tons of room to play with frame styles.

Mixing & matching chairs can accomplish so much in a space. Have fun with color, play with size and shape, juxtapose styles. Can’t afford six Eames chairs? Just buy one!

Freshly Styled


Interior stylists–names like Glen Proebstel and Lotta Agaton–are some of my favorite go-to’s for design inspiration. They accomplish both marketing and art in one fell swoop, selling the idea that messy covers are chic and chipping paint is glamorous. Maybe what I love the most is the way the stylists make their spaces look worn-in and realistic, while boldly implementing whimsical details (white balloons never looked so beautiful, am I right?)

 (Styled by Lotta Agaton)

 (Styled by Lotta Agaton)

With summer around the corner, I’ve been consumed with imagery of bedrooms that look freshly abandoned–covers untucked and windows uncovered. The repetitive white and cobalt blue color palette stands clean and simple next to highly textured surfaces. The combination exudes something like quiet, carefree confidence, don’t you think?

 (Styled by Glen Proebstel)

(Styled by Glen Proebstel)

This spring, let an Eheart designer help you accomplish a fresh new look and feel for your bedroom.

Spring cleaning (or spring hiding, if you prefer)

March is here, and the long-standing tradition of “spring cleaning” will soon be upon us. A place for everything, and everything in its place, they say. But what about the little items that always seem to be without a proper home?

I’m currently working on a furniture project for a client who is begging for functional storage by her doors. Everyone can relate to an entryway cluttered with shoes, bicycle helmets, keys, pet leashes, books, packages to mail…. (should we go on?)

An entry console table is a nice option for the particularly tidy folk, but sometimes the space–and our lifestyles–call for a nice, big, accomdating chest. After purusing some of my favorite furniture makers, I thought I’d share my fabulous findings with you.

Whether you’re spring cleaning or spring hiding, consider an entry piece to help house those wandering odds and ends.

Something New to Sit On

"Curve Your Enthusiasm" - Caracole


When I saw this new sofa from Caracole, I simply could not curve my enthusiasm. Contrasting nailheads and the soft pale ale wood finish nod to an industrial style; warm upholstery and a delicate frame reflect the Victorian era. The way in which the curvelinear form teams up with boxy seat cushions and pillows allows me to visualize the piece in both traditional and contemporary settings. Set on a plush area rug under a chandelier dripping with crystals? Absolutely. Resting on a polished concrete floor with a salvaged wood coffee table? Certainly.

“Curve Your Enthusiasm” by Caracole is 78.25″ wide, 41.75″ deep and 45.5″ high. Clear a space! We found something new for you to sit on.