What’s On Our Coffee Table

You’ll be hard pressed to find an interior designer or architect who doesn’t have a favorite book (or a whole bookshelf of favorites). They are the books we go to for inspiration, encouragement; to feel challenged and to find solace. They remind us that details matter, that creativity breeds creativity, that beauty is something worth talking about.

Below are a few favorite reads–the books you’ll find open on our coffee tables with dog-eared pages and fingerprints.

"The Perfectly Imperfect Home" - Deborah Needleman
– A whimsical and quirky take on the basics of interiors, embracing all the imperfections. Simultaneously a reference guide and a pretty picture book, Needleman offers practical design tips and delightful watercolor illustrations.
"The Architecture of Happiness" - Alain de Botton
– The kind of read that changes a person. Alain de Botton achieves poetry, philosophy and a concise history of architecture in one book, accessible to professionals and non-designers alike.
"An Eye for Design" - Allegra Hicks
 – A true coffee table book, captivating cover and all.  Hicks cleverly compiles a range of inspirational imagery—fully designed interiors, interesting patterns and textures and the great outdoors. There’s something perfectly exciting about her format, not knowing what the next page will bring.
"Liaigre" - Christian Liaigre
– Christian Liaigre is a true interior designer—one whose autonomy over each finite detail is evident in his work, from conceptualization to execution. This substantial portfolio covers six of his luxurious designs, including a Spanish residence and a Swiss farmstead.

12 Days of Christmas: 4


1) Barware

2)    Drop Ice Bucket Cooler

3) Add a Warm Glow…

Lanterns have so many uses! These are gray,  larger in scale
& let’s face it, GROOVY.

How about setting these outside your front door for a welcoming glow?


How about setting them on your table for a soft candle light color?


Hang from the Ceiling


On Your Raised Hearth

Lot’s of Places to Use These

…Throw Rugs
….. Spice up entry ways …
….How about for bath mats? Throw tradition to the wolves!


Fun Items No One Else Will Have.

(6)  Wall Decor … Magnolias

Or Use as A Serving Bowl

Sharp Art

(8) Beachhead Mirror

Round Modern Mirror and/or Snowball Goblets


Who Doesn’t Love and Orchid? (10)

(11)    Something Really Special, a Really Unique Chair that Goes Everywhere.

…In Your

Conversation Spot
In Your Master Bedroom
By Your Front Door
In Your Reading Corner

(12)  Bedding, We’ve Got it in a Queen




If you have missed any of the other days of Christmas, check them out here: Day 1Day 2, Day 3.

Pillow Talk

Christmas is getting closer…

Having a hard time figuring out the perfect gift for a few loved ones in your life? What a better way to spice up someone’s life with a little bit of color! Leyla’s Felt Pillows are some of my favorite accessories and they seem to work for almost everyone in my life. A friend with a new baby, even a bachelor that needs some color and softness in his pad – while still being manly, of course.

Maybe you know a tree hugger or nature lover. The uniqueness of Leyla’s felt pillows get layered on with great dimension, colors and textures.

If you can’t find the perfect design/pattern, you can always spell it out! These pillows might be the finishing touch they were looking for to complete their space. If they weren’t looking, trust me, they will be very thankful!