Going Green

Spring is upon us, and with that come sunny days, chirping birds and budding flowers. With warmer days upon us, now is a great time to think of all of the ways that you take care of your environment, and also brainstorm how you can make a bigger impact within your community.


While cleaning litter from local parks and streets is always a great way to protect your environment, there are other ways to do so as well, and as Flooring America members, we are proud to be a part of a larger group who has taken the initiative to think outside of the box when it comes to giving back.

At Eheart Interior Solutions we believe in doing the right thing for our community, and that means taking green initiatives that can benefit both our environment and our business.  In the store, we offer sustainable products, such as cork and bamboo floors, recycled concrete countertops, and also tiles made of partially recycled content. Some of our carpets are even made from recycled water bottles, proving that recycled products do go back into your community.


Being environmentally conscious is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a great way of life and running a business. We are committed to “greening” our company in order to better our environment with our own actions through our relationships with our community, neighbors, suppliers and our employers. Our Green Select product line is made up of products that are recyclable, contain a minimum of recycled material, and/or can be made from a natural, sustainable, and renewable resource.


During this beautiful and happy time of the year, take a moment to find ways to be green, whether it is at your place of work or at home. Regardless of where or how you give back to your community, do one thing each day that will make your community a healthier and happier place!

“Eco Friendly Elegance”

“Eco Friendly Elegance” This month we are featuring new and exciting products that will make your home unique. This week I want to show you Aspen wood flooring. This is an engineered product “made with whole, debarked, small-diameter, rapidly renewing aspen trees”. If you are motivated not only by style but also awareness for the world we live in this is a product you will find exciting. There are various color combinations and styles. For instance:

Smooth Plank – A flat smooth finish

Wire Brushed – Adds texture to the surface of the wood

Double Strained – Gives the wood a deeper contrasting style


Learn more about our hardwood here.

Cork Mosaics

Choosing the right tile to fit your style and installation needs can be difficult. Outside of visual cues most tile does not vary in performance and benefit. However, when looking, cork is another option that adds not only a fun look but many advantages over traditional materials of porcelain or ceramic. Yes, cork; a natural, green product that can be used in many applications!

Actual cork slices are taken and  set on a mesh mosaic, grouted, and sealed to provide a water tight surface. The installation is very similar to that of tile. However, instead of a cold surface you have an insulator that will keep your floor at 70 degrees year round. The benefits of using a natural product such as cork are endless. It is a renewable resource making it green, it has naturally anti-allergenic, the cork is softer than tile to give a little cushion without flexing, and it provides sound deadening. If the natural finish is not your taste you can stain it to suit your needs.



Practically Eco: Tile

To help you along your “becoming a little more green journey” here are a few of my favorite green tile products.


With great versatility Oceanside glass can be used for many style applications. The recycled content can range anywhere from 30-97% with post-consumer, post-industrial, and pre-consumer content. With 26 colors, 3 different finishes, 14 mosaics, a large line of individual glass tiles and decos, and custom blending; finding the perfect tile is not a problem. You don’t have to compromise style to earn your LEED points with this product!

Image: Oceanside Glass Tile
Image: Oceanside Glass Tile

Made right here in the USA, these porcelain tiles are great applications for floors, shower walls and countertops. Containing up to 40% recycled material and an eco-compatible production process, that minimizes the negative impact on the environment. For under $4.00 sf – who says you can’t have an inexpensive great look and be green at the same time?!
Image: Florim USA – iStone, Walnut
We have many more recycled products for your “becoming a little more green journey” I would love to show you! Email me if you if you have questions on any of our green products.