Freshly Styled


Interior stylists–names like Glen Proebstel and Lotta Agaton–are some of my favorite go-to’s for design inspiration. They accomplish both marketing and art in one fell swoop, selling the idea that messy covers are chic and chipping paint is glamorous. Maybe what I love the most is the way the stylists make their spaces look worn-in and realistic, while boldly implementing whimsical details (white balloons never looked so beautiful, am I right?)

 (Styled by Lotta Agaton)

 (Styled by Lotta Agaton)

With summer around the corner, I’ve been consumed with imagery of bedrooms that look freshly abandoned–covers untucked and windows uncovered. The repetitive white and cobalt blue color palette stands clean and simple next to highly textured surfaces. The combination exudes something like quiet, carefree confidence, don’t you think?

 (Styled by Glen Proebstel)

(Styled by Glen Proebstel)

This spring, let an Eheart designer help you accomplish a fresh new look and feel for your bedroom.

Resolve To Cover Your Windows…..

What have you been waiting for?  It’s time to give yourself the true completed look you have been waiting for in completing the interior of your home by adding the finishing touches.  Soft Window Treatments lend a finished look as well as complete the theme to any room. 
There are literally hundreds of different treatments you can use.  Window treatments can be created to enhance any design style, from contemporary to traditional. 
Here are a few ideas for you to think about.  As you look at each of these decide what you like, what you don’t and visualize what the room in the picture would look like without the treatments.  Does the treatment add something to the room or window?

There are several aspects to consider when designing an appropriate window treatment such as;
What is your budget? 
What style are you going to convey?
Is your room casual or dressy?
Do you like the rods to show or to be hidden?
Do you want the treatment to disappear into the background or do you want to make a bold statement?
These are all questions your professional interior designer can help you with and well worth the time and money spent do it correctly the first time.  

Invite: Ski Trip Landing Pad

If you, like us, live in Colorado, you have the perfect landing pad for a few skiing friends to spend a weekend.   So, cozy up your guest room, add a few thoughtful amenities for your guests, and make the offer to your friends!  You don’t even have to ski with your guests–just give them a cozy place to lay their heads after a busy day on the slopes!

LEFT: These pillows by Eastern Accents aren’t lacking a single detail–playful tassels, tailored roped welts, and craftsman motifs make them a great option for a Colorado
guest space!
RIGHT: This sleek lamp by Currey and Company keeps the space from feeling too stuffy or traditional.
Create a space that reflects rustic luxury.  Incorporate textiles like plush velvets, aged leathers, rich brocades, and soft wools to create a space that has layers of texture and interest.  Utilize rich velvet drapery panels on either side of your windows to provide a rich feel that doesn’t compromise your beautiful Colorado view.  Try this carved wood and leather bed by Lexington Furniture.  Even if you have carpet in your guest room, consider an area rug to create a cozy space and define the bed as a separate area.
If your space allows, include a small table and a couple of chairs comfortable enough to read a book in, but practical enough to squeeze in a quick conference call from the office at.  Include a selection of books by local authors or about the local sights, legends, or fare.  Place a basket nearby with a few ultra soft knitted throws and a couple of classic board games.  A basket or tray on the table top could be a filled with a couple of snacks, fresh fruit, and the makings for hot drinks to enjoy along with their snow covered view.

Your guests will appreciate your comfortable, well stocked guest room.  You might just have a houseful more often!