6 Trendy Father’s Day Ideas to Astound Your Dad

With Father’s Day this Sunday, we’d like to share our top Trendy Father’s Day gift ideas for inspiration.

  1. Zippo Wallet – This retro wallet is stainless steel, impenetrable to RF thieves, and fits dad’s cash and personal cards.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Zippo Wallet

  2. Wet Shave Starter Kit – Give your dad the gift of a fantastic shave every time. This wet shaving kit includes a chrome-plated Double-Edge Safety Razor, Badger Hair Shave Brush, Close Shave Formula, and hydrating After Shave Balm.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Shaving Kit

  3. IPA Brewing Kit – Is your dad a DIYer? With this Brewing Kit, he can create a seafaring ale with a complex hop profile including citrus, floral, and spice. The hops are sourced from Washington state’s Yakima Valley. On your mark. Get set. Start your brewing.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Brewing Kit

  4. ENO Hammock – Perfect for the outdoorsy father. If you’re rugged father needs a place to rest after a long day conquering the outdoors, he’ll have the nap of a lifetime.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Hammock

  1. Black Ratio Global Carryon – If your dad is a traveler, he’ll appreciate the best in suitcase technology. This suitcase combines agility, smoothness, and aesthetics into one highly maneuverable traveling experience.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Suitcase

  2. Apple Watch –If your dad is a watch lover, it might be time for a technology upgrade. With retina display and Force Touch, a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and a gyroscope, he’ll get all the fitness data he needs to be a champion.

    Trendy Father's Day Ideas Apple Watch


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4 Best Holiday Design Tips for a Festive Party

With the major holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start planning your holiday party. Hosting and decorating for a holiday party doesn’t need to be overwhelming or heavy on your wallet. Here are some of our best holiday design tips to throw a successful party!


Send Out Holiday Themed Invites

Start off by making a list of your friends and family that you’d like to invite to the party, and then focus on sending them a beautiful and cheerful party invitation, listing all of the necessary information. Are there only appetizers and not a main meal? Is there a dress code? Give them those tiny details on the holiday decorated invitation so that they can better prepare for the party, including a time to arrive!

Holiday Design Planning

Decorate the Dinner Table with a Holiday Design

Before you can begin to decorate your dining room table, envision the colors and look that you’re going for.  Add one large vase or several smaller vases throughout the length of the table, but don’t go overboard, as you risk causing clutter. Consider a decorative bowl full of pinecones, ornaments or mini candy canes for décor, or place glammed up garland and berry sprigs in the center of the table.

Holiday Design Ornaments

Set a Joyful Mood

Make sure that you set the mood of the party based on the guests on the invite list and the décor you have chosen. If you’re going for a more elegant party, choose dim lighting and include candles in metallic holders. For a more fun and festive party, focus on creating a cheerful holiday design that pops in classic red, and consider scented candles that will trigger a holiday connection.

Holiday Design Table Setting

Spruce up the Presentation

Don’t worry about spending a fortune on an elaborate meal or décor. In regards to holiday design décor, less can be more. If you focus more on how you present the food on platters, you can get away with not having appetizers from the 5-star caterer down the street. Don’t forget, food can be décor as well, so have a table full of holiday treats that spreads cheer, and your guests will be sure to leave full of holiday spirit.


What is your number one holiday design tip for hosting a successful party?

3 Tips for Entertaining for the Holidays

Holiday cheer is all around. From local carolers going door to door singing loud and merrily, to candles and lights decorating houses in your neighborhood. While there are many ways to bring the holiday spirit to your home, it’s never too late to include our 3 tips for entertaining for the holidays into your decor.

One of the most important décor objectives is to create a warm welcome for your family and friends when they enter your home. You can hang wreaths on your front door and windows, or wrap garland that has been intertwined with white, twinkling lights, around your front door. To truly capture the holiday spirit, place friendly holiday décor near your main entrance to make your guests feel like they are home with their first step inside.

The holidays mean something different to each family, so it’s important to make your home feel like the holidays, however you choose to celebrate. Your family might love the classic holiday atmosphere, while others are drawn to a more modern approach. To bring the holidays to your home, depending on your taste in décor, hang vintage or glittery ornaments on your tree or on shelves. Plaid, throw blankets and red pillows are perfect additions to your chairs and couches, as this not only brings the classic holiday feel to your space, but it also allows your guests to stay warm during the cold evenings.


Lastly, for those families hosting a holiday party, creating the perfect table setting can be one of the most important tasks you have. Sparkly gold and a rich green create an elegant feel, while red, brown and green brings the classic holiday cheer to your dining room. Decorate your table with a centerpiece that can act as the focal point, such as a vase of flowers or berries, and surround it with votive or pillar candles, in colors complementing your color scheme.


From personalized table settings, twinkling lights around your door, or red and green décor, there are many ways to still bring the holiday spirit to your home, and from our Eheart Interior Solutions family to you and yours, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Keeping Your Home Clean During the Winter Season

With snow and ice storms upon us, dirt, snow and salt are all being tracked into our homes. While snowstorms can be peaceful and beautiful, it has the opposite effect on your home and floors when it’s tracked inside by your family and friends.


Along with winter debris, dry, winter air affects both your health and your floors.  When humidity levels are low, contraction and gapping can occur in your floors, making it important to keep temperatures warm and dry in your home to prevent this.

To keep your floors clean and free of any scratches or rot, place doormats and rugs at every entrance in your home. This keeps most of the dirt and salt from entering your house, and leaves you with less of a mess to clean up. If kids or neighbors track winter debris past your entrance, sweeping and vacuuming regularly are a great way to keep up with the winter conditions.


Winter also affects the outside of your home, which can leave you victim to frozen pipes and no power. Make sure to always store an emergency kit in your home, consisting of flashlights, batteries, candles, non-perishable food, and plenty of warm clothing and blankets.

While your kids and pets enjoy frolicking in the snow, we have your home covered with our Resista cleaning products. Ranging from cleaning pads, powders and sprays, we have every cleaning product that your home needs to withstand the harsh, winter conditions.

Black Friday has always been the biggest shopping day of the year

Black Friday has always been the biggest shopping day of the year, but for small businesses, one of our most important shopping days is the day following Black Friday. Also known as Small Business Saturday, this is the day we encourage you to visit our store. This is the day that we celebrate our community.



Small Business Saturday isn’t only about driving sales for local businesses; it’s about the importance of our local businesses. Did you know that supporting your local, family-owned businesses actually stimulates the economy? This means that the money that you spend at local stores stays in the community, and also drives an increase in jobs for your neighbors and friends.

While you might think that a small purchase won’t have a big impact on the store that you’re doing business with, it actually does. Each purchase means that there is a better chance of the store staying in business, and it also increases the likelihood of growth for that store.


Here at Eheart Interior Solutions, we support our community every day. As a locally owned store, our business thrives on the relationships that we form and keep with our friends and neighbors. We value our success on the growth of our community, and make it a mission to make our community and our store a place where friends send friends.

How do you support your local businesses?