Favorites: Soapstone

I often catch myself dreaming of my ‘some day kitchen’ which will no doubt have Soapstone countertops! As a designer I know what I like, the only catch is, I like a little of everything! Throw in a slice of Modern, a hand full of Colorado Rustic, a dash of Old World and of course a little bit of Classic Traditional and you have me! Soapstone is my key element that makes it all come together! So if you are a little hodgepodge like me or you are just one of any of those – Soapstone can help make your look complete. Dark Blue-Gray and Green-Gray are the main colors you find in Soapstone. The pictures below are of raw soapstone that haven’t been treated with mineral oil yet, which enhances and darkens the colors.
Green Iron Satin Soapstone & Original Green Soapstone
Soapstone Select Satin & Honed (Regular)
Traditional: Soapstone countertops. Raised panel white cabinets, and a warm wood floor. White bead board as your backsplash or my forever timeless classic 3″ x 6″ subway.
Here are a few more beautiful kitchens with Soapstone countertops. All good collaborations of rustic, contemporary, and craftsmen.
Treated with mineral oil, true Soapstone can be a non-porous, heat resistant, low maintenance countertop you will only fall more and more in love with. With age, natural patina only makes the stone more beautiful. Soapstone is easier to fabricate as well making it versatile….
Generally seen in white porcelain or cast iron, Farm style sinks are another timeless classic of mine. Integrate that with Soapstone and you just can’t go wrong! Is Soapstone one of your favorites now?!

Granite: Groups 3 & 4

Last week I showed you Eheart’s affordable and fabulous granite groups 1 and 2, so we are moving on to groups 3 and 4. So excited to show you – I just have to get straight to it!


Absolute Black, Kashmir White, Tropic Brown, Madura Gold, Giallo Ornamental, Giallo Veneziano are a few on the groups list.

Kashmir White is a fun favorite to design with. Pulling a cool modern look together with 12″ x 24″ light grey porcelain tile on the floor with dark grey contrasting cabinetry. White, light grey and dark grey multi sized glass bubble back splash tile is the perfect tie to pull this kitchen together. Red and Taupe striped fabric for window treatments will quickly pull the deep garnet out of the Kashmir White granite giving this kitchen a great WOW factor! Adding one more patterned fabric on your kitchen nook chairs and/or kitchen bar stools, help bring a little more fun, pattern and texture to the room.
Black Galaxy, Lapidus, Red Dragon, Blue Pearl, Tunas Green, Giallo Napolean will give you great versatilly in color and style.

Working together to create a warm and inviting kitchen you will love to entertain in, everything in this kitchen makes a statement of it own. Red Dragon Granite, the name says it all, dramatic and unique yet subtle enough you are able to still have other dramatic elements. Acacia hardwood floors (Eheart Direct Stock), paired with Antiqued Onyx Cherry cabinetry (Eheart Essentials) instantly gives warmth to this kitchen. Oceanside Glass tile which is a mix of iridescent glass and natural stone slate adds an element that your guests will just ohhh and awww over for your kitchen backsplash!! Massoud fabric will be the finishing touch as window treatments, or on your dining room chairs!

Just a reminder there are many more options in each group than I am showing and telling you about. So please don’t hesitate to stop by and take a look at what else we have to offer. I will be ending this series next week showing you group 5 and exotic stones!

Affordable can be Fabulous: Granite Groups 1 & 2

Continuing on my blog two weeks ago about our granite groups. I promised to show you some great designs at all price levels.

These granites have been some of the most commonly used granites for generations for a reason! Great for that person who wants earth tones on those items that aren’t so easily changable, yet allowing you to have fun with the other elements in the room; cabinets, backsplash tile, floor material, paint colors, window treatments, etc. These great neutral and affordable granites are perfect for house flips or that non-color commital person (aka..me)!


Ubatuba Granite – One that is hard to go wrong with and has been a leading favorite for many years. I have paired it with our walnut stained natural alder cabinets from Eheart Essentials, Allenwood Series. Using a mix of natural travertine as the main backsplash tile with accents of california gold slate to pull in the greens from the granite. To add a little color, pattern and texture I used our new fabric line, Fabricut, ‘Eclair’ for upholstered bar stools for an island or peninsula.

Here are a few more colors in Group 1 – but not limited too!


Image: Crema Carmel Granite
Image: Santa Cecelia Granite

You will once again be impressed by the wide range of colors offered in Group 2! With great versatility, these granites can be used in many style of homes. Modern, French Country, Rustic and Classic Traditional, etc. Here are just a few options.

Image: Baltic Brown Granite
Image: Tan Brown Granite
Image: Turin Gold Granite

With Group 1 granites starting at $30-35sf installed and Group 2 starting at $40-45sf installed, affordable really can be fabulous! Come into Eheart’s and take a look at the other colors offered in groups 1 and 2. One is sure to work for you! Keep posted, I will be covering more groups next week!

Granite Groups

Over the next couple weeks I am going to introduce you to Eheart’s Granite Groups. Knowing that looking for granite countertops can be frustrating and complicated at times, Eheart’s has simplified the process by grouping granites in price groups 1-5 and having expert designers to help you along the way.
Follow me over the next couple of weeks as I show you some great designs that you can created with each group. Before I start showing you the different groups I would like to answer a commonly asked question I have had asked over the years to help you understand the different groups.
“Why is every color a different price?”
What we consider granite is not what a geologist calls granite. Actually most of the ‘granite’ we have in our homes is made up of feldspar, mica and quartz. We have simplified all the different minerals/stones to only a few different types (ie. Granite, Marble, Limestone, Etc.) depending on their characteristics. Hard to scratch, heat resistant, non-porous…instantly classified as granite.
Granite comes from all around the world. Brazil quarries the most variety, while Spain, India, and Italy are not far behind. One of my favorites comes from Canada! The exotic stone, Labradorite, comes from Madagascar. Depending on the rarity of the minerals that make up the ‘granite’ we put in our home, the price can vary greatly.
Think of it like this. While enjoying a sunny afternoon next to crystal clear Colorado river; take a notice to all the river stones and pebbles.

What colors do you notice the most? Browns of every shade, black, dusty reds and grays. Vivid purples, greens and blue are few a far between. It is the exact same way for the granite you have on your countertops.
(Kitchen with Verde Butterfly Granite Slab)
Many people get discouraged because they think they can’t afford granite countertops. I am excited to show you over the next couple weeks options in every price point! Let my ideas over the next couple weeks help you with your upcoming projects. In the meantime, let me know if you have any design questions about natural stone.

Practically Eco: Countertops

Wanting to be more conscience about being green? Countertops are a great place to start and a quick update for any remodel. There is no better time to be going green; with so many manufactures trying to market us folks going green, there are many products to chose from!

Made from 100% recycled glass and concrete Icestone offers a unique and great environmentally safe product for you home. Receiving MBDC’s Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification for its durable surface and the production process used to produce it; Icestone defines green!


PaperStone is a sustainable composite material made from 100% post-

consumer recycled paper. While it will assume a pleasing, lustrous, rich-aged patina appearance over time, it is just one of wonderful characteristic of the material. Paperstone offers a variety of neutral, natural colors that can be used in many different styles of homes.

Recycled porcelain, glass, mirrors, industrial vitrified ashes and corn oil make up 75% of Eco countertops. With 10 styles and colors, I am sure one would be right for you! Eco is manufactured by the same company that produces the home brand, Silestone.

It’s all natural! Water is the only ‘chemical’ used to quarry and fabricate natural stone. Most quarries and fabrication shops recycle and reuse their water over and over again. Many quarries are out to preserve the land to what it was before they started quarrying the stone. Check out some of my previous posts to see a few more of your natural stone options.

Many of your green options will allow you to get LEED points as well. With so many color and style options, I am sure I can help find something that you’ll love!