Fireworks and Flooring

Ah, June. The sun is shining, the birds chirping, and the kids are home from school. Yes, finally June, a month which, for many people, marks the beginning of a long and relaxing summer. T-shirts transition to tank-tops, pants are replaced by shorts, and sneakers are kicked off for the comfort of open-toe sandals. I could go on and on about all the wonderful aspects that come with the month of June, but perhaps one aspect trumps all. June, when July is right around the corner!

July is a special month, because we are fortunate enough to celebrate our beautiful country’s hard fought independence.We at Eheart Interior Solutions celebrate those who fight for our freedom every day by teaming up with Pets for Patriots. Dedicated to bringing pets and service men together in a lifelong bond of mutual friendship, Pets for Patriots thrives on supporting current military as well as veterans. If you know any member of the military community who is looking to adopt an adult dog or pet, visit for more information.


Is there truly a better day in the calendar year than the 4th of July? Sure, you may be thinking Christmas or even Thanksgiving, and I agree that days such as these are very special for a plethora of reasons. However, holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are accompanied by one fault; they come at the end of the month! Think about it. You are forced to wait essentially a full month in anticipation of opening Christmas Presents or scarfing down a giant Thanksgiving Turkey. I have good news for you people, you only have to wait four days to watch the sky be filled with fireworks in July!


Less than a week into the month of July the celebration begins, and celebrate you will. Similar to most holidays, the 4th of July is a time to gather with friends and family so that we may celebrate what makes our country so special. Here at Eheart Interior Solutions, we know that celebrations, as much as we enjoy them, are always messy. If you have the privilege of hosting your Independence Day gathering, follow the link provided for tips that will help keep your floor in star-spangled condition!

If you are planning on replacing your floor in the near future, “Let Freedom Ring!” and check out our 17000+ flooring options. On behalf of the entire Eheart Interior Solutions Team, we wish you a happy and safe Independence Day.