Spring Clean Your Floors with Stanley Steemer

When most of us think about spring cleaning, the first few things that come to mind are cleaning out our closets and dresser drawers, dusting forgotten shelves, and organizing pantries, cabinets and drawers.

Just as important, if not more, are your floors. Most of the floors in your home get walked on every day, meaning that dirt, pebbles, food, and liquids are being soaked up and rubbed into your flooring. Now that mud season has arrived, it’s even more important to provide the proper maintenance for your floors.

Different flooring requires varying levels of care. Vinyl is a no-maintenance type of flooring, which only requires a quick sweep of the floors. To maintain shine, all that’s necessary is a quick mop and a thin coat of acrylic polish.

Ceramic flooring, on the other hand, requires daily maintenance, which can be easily done with plain water.  Hardwood can be maintained with sweeping and vacuuming, but for stains and spills, a mop will be required. Remember to use little water, as an excessive amount of moisture can leak between the planks, resulting in lasting damage.

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With carpet, a quality vacuum and a clean vacuum filter are the best practices for keeping your carpets clean. When it comes to ridding carpets of stains and spills, blot rather than rub, and use fresh water. If that does not work, Eheart Interior Solutions has cleaning products that are safe to remove stains. Ranging from cleaning pads and cleaning powder, to carpet cleaner and pet cleaner, we have various tools and cleaners to assist with your cleaning. Check out our website for more stain removal tips and visit us to find approved products for cleaning your floors.

Here at Eheart Interior Solutions, we want to make sure that we not only provide you with quality carpet that fits your lifestyle and budget, but we also want to make sure you have a contact that we trust and recommend, when it comes to having your floors professionally cleaned.

In order to give you peace of mind that you’re maintaining your carpets, select stores have teamed up with Stanley Steemer for a wonderful deal. With a purchase of a new carpet, you will receive your first Stanley Steemer cleaning for free. While they are there, they can also clean any other floors in your home.

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For more tips on how to clean stains from your floors, please refer to our stain and care guides: https://eheartdesign.com/services/customer-support/remove-a-stain/