When it comes to flooring, many home owners first think to replace their flooring in the larger rooms in their home, such as their living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. One of the top flooring trends of the New Year isn’t in any of these rooms, and instead, it’s bringing tiles to your bathroom floor. Small mosaic tiles are hot right now, as they offer a one-of-a-kind look.

Tiling is used to create architectural and visual interest in your room, and it is important to consider where your tile will start and stop. If, in your bathroom there is no clear way to end the tile, placing the tile on the walls is a great way to add more charm to your room.


Creating a vintage feel with tiles can be done with the use of mosaic tiling, especially when there are multiple colors and patterns being used. If your bathroom has a claw-foot tub, vintage tiling can add nostalgic charm to your space.


A rugged, masculine feel can be created by choosing tiles that are earthy and natural, which can go great in a bathroom that is taking on a mountainside feel. To emphasize the natural tiles, either bring the tiles on the walls, or choose an earthy wall covering, such as brick or wood.


How are you using tiles in your bathroom?